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The First Zero Waste Eye Shadow Palette? Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Palette Review
The First Zero Waste Eye Shadow Palette? Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Palette Review

The First Zero Waste Eye Shadow Palette? Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Palette Review

Aether Beauty Co. Rose Quartz Gemstone Palette $58.00 USD

Behind the Brand

Aether Beauty Co. is an American brand founded by Tiila Abbitt, who was previously a product development specialist at Sephora. With a focus on sustainability she branched out to create her own brand and a low-waste eye shadow palette. Aether Beauty is an up and coming brand in the green beauty and sustainable beauty realm alike.

Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Palette Zero Waste - Zero Compromise

If you prefer video format, I have a full review of the “Zero-Waste” Eye Shadow Palette on my Youtube Channel:

About the “First Zero Waste Eyeshadow Palette”

The Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone Palette has 12 shades; four matte, two shimmer, 2 metallic, and four duo-chrome. With a central theme around pink, intermediate browns and cool grey hues.


The Aether Beauty Co. Palette is packaged in cardboard without a mirror or magnets. Simply remove the eye shadow pans and the elastic- the cardboard and pans can be recycled. It is most definitely a low waste palette, but not entirely zero waste. As the elastic will eventually end up in a landfill even if it is repurposed as a hair elastic, let’s say.

I don’t want to fault the company by any means because this packaging is amazing. But there is a bit of false marketing for an entirely zero-waste palette.

Is it worth the price?

The Aether Beauty Co. Rose Quartz Gemstone Palette is only available direct from their website in Canada. In the US, you can buy the Aether Beauty palette direct or in brick and mortar stores like the Detox Market.

The conversion from CAD to USD (and shipping) ends up making this palette cost roughly $80 CAD. It’s not cheap by any means, but relatively comparable to other clean brands like Beautycounter (see: Beautycounter Desert Sunrise Collection Review.)

It’s increasingly hard, for some unknown reason, to find green beauty brands that have pre-made eye shadow palettes. Many of the green beauty brands I have found offer single pans that you buy and add to an existing magnetic palette. Therefore I love that there’s another option for those of us who have no idea how to curate an eyeshadow palette.

Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Palette shades

Rose Quartz Palette Swatch min
Unedited, Natural daylight, swatched with brush.


The pigment of the shades for the Aether Beauty Palette are far superior to those of the Beautycounter Palette. However, the duo-chrome shades do flake and have a tendency to create fallout. I would highly recommend using a damp brush or your finger for application.

I find that the looks either end up very pink or very grey. There doesn’t seem to be much in between, but to be fair I didn’t combine a pink with a grey either.

Aether Beauty Co Rose Quartz Palette Looks

Final Thoughts

Overall, I really enjoy the Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Gemstone palette. Especially for another company in the green beauty scene to be creating products with sustainability in mind. The pigment is amazing for such a clean palette.

I sincerely hope that Aether Beauty becomes available at the Detox Market in Canada as well, as the USD conversion can really kill the price point. Plus, after being spoiled with Amazon free shipping I have convinced myself that I shouldn’t have to pay for shipping anymore…

If you’re on the hunt for low-waste makeup options, keep Aether Beauty in mind. I can see this brand growing in popularity very quickly!

Have you heard of Aether Beauty?

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