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How to Use Natural Oils | Featuring Eden’s Semilla
How to Use Natural Oils | Featuring Eden’s Semilla

How to Use Natural Oils | Featuring Eden’s Semilla

This post contains products sent to me for review.

Five years ago, if you told me to use oils on my skin to help improve it I would have thought you were crazy. No one puts more oil on their oily skin to make it brighter and help reduce acne, right? Wrong! Now that I am five years wiser, I’ve learned all the secrets to best skincare practices (just kidding, everyday I learn more and more!) Like testing out Vitamin E and Jojoba Oils on my skin in order to benefit it.

How to Use Natural Oils Featuring Eden’s Semilla Vitamin E & Jojoba Oil

how to use natural oils featuring edens semilla oils
We’re going to pretend I was a good Beauty Blogger who took photos of the products AFTER she used them. Okay?

I received these Vitamin E & Jojoba Oils from Eden’s Semilla. I’m glad that I did opt to try these products because they have really altered my skincare routine! Shall we get into the reviews?

Natural Oils: Vitamin E from Eden’s Semilla

To be honest, I didn’t take many pictures of this product because I managed to get oil all over the label, as seen in the above photo. However, the bottle isn’t super exciting anyway so I’m sure it’s not a big deal, right? Good.

This Vitamin E oil is available on for $12.95 CAD (as of Dec 28, 2016) it has a blend of Rosehip and Jojoba oil which are both great oils for the skin, and as the bottle boasts it is 100% natural.

Benefits of Vitamin E for the Skin

  • Vitamin E helps to prevent free radical damage. Free radicals are found in the air from pollution, radiation and even cigarette smoke.
  • It may help lighten brown spots caused by Free radical damage.
  • Soften skin by providing some moisture.

It is often debated whether Vitamin E actually does help with scarring and helping to heal skin faster. In some cases it does cause a rash and itching of the skin, so I would test it on your arm first before applying it anywhere else to ensure that you don’t have an allergic reaction.

I tested the Vitamin E Oil on my face for three weeks

Are you ready for some up close and person shots of my cheeks? Typical skincare takes about six weeks before you notice true results, but this does provide a bit of insight as to how the Vitamin E worked on my skin.

Left Cheek

Edens Semilla Left Cheek Vitamin E

As you can see in the above photo (horrifically close to me my skin) I did have a very red spot where a pimple was healing. By week three you can see that it was almost completely gone. However, a new one had popped up down below.

Right Cheek

Edens Semilla Right Cheek Vitamin E

The skin didn’t change too much on my Right Cheek, though I did notice that it seemed to get more red and covered in spots as time went by. Of course that could be due to external factors like Aunt Flow.

Natural Oils: Vitamin E Final Thoughts

Considering I have never used Natural Oils on my skin before the Vitamin E, it was a fantastic learning experience. However, after using it for three weeks and not seeing a huge difference I was pretty bummed out (mostly because I thought that these oils would be magical!)

As it’s Winter time now, and I have been using the Vitamin E oil for all of December my skin has been very dry. Therefore I don’t believe that this will give you the moisture your skin needs when the weather is so cold and dry. For the summer I can see this being a very useful oil, it provides just enough moisture when you already have the humidity around to help out your skin. I have stopped using it for the time being and I will probably go back to using it in the Spring/Summer.

Although I only used the Vitamin E oil on my face, you can use it on your cuticles to help your nails grow as well. 

how to use vitamin e & jojoba oils

Natural Oils: Jojoba Oil from Eden’s Semilla

Another oil that I had never thought of adding to my skincare routine, but I’m so glad I did! Luckily I didn’t ruin this bottle with oil all over the label, so it was still able to take some pictures of it!

This Jojoba Oil is also available from Amazon for $18.95 CAD (as of Dec 28, 2016)

Benefits of Jojoba Oil

  • Face Moisturizer. Jojoba Oil is one of the closest oils to our natural oils produced by our skin and hair so it works very well to help hold moisture in our skin. Especially after washing all our natural oils off.
  • Helps control oils. As it is so similar to the oil we naturally produce, it helps limit oil production. Therefore if you have oily skin it is not counteractive to apply this to your skin. In fact, it will trick your skin into thinking that it does not need to produce more oil and will help alleviate oily skin problems!
  • Keeps Dry & Frizzy Hair at bay! Applying some oil on your hair will minimize the static caused by dry and cold weather.
  • Helps to moisturize dry hands and cuticles. If you are constantly applying and removing nail polish, your cuticles will be very prone to dry skin. This can help bring back some moisture that your cuticles are lacking.

I’ve been using the Jojoba Oil for two weeks

After using the Vitamin E oil which just didn’t provide enough moisture for my skin, this Jojoba oil is a complete difference! Although I don’t have any pictures of my skin I can tell you that my oily t-zone has been tamed. As well, my cheeks are much more soft and my skin is no longer flakey and dry. I think that this Jojoba Oil is a must-have for winter.

The first time I used it, I put it on my hair after showering. Unfortunately I used way too much and my hair ended up looking very greasy. Therefore you have to be very careful with how much you actually end up using. I wouldn’t add more than a teaspoon to your hair and ensure that it is only going on the ends if you are looking to de-frizz. The Jojoba oil would be a great overnight treatment to add moisture to hair that has been mistreated (or bleached one too many times!)

Natural Oils: Jojoba Oil Final Thoughts

I love love love this oil! For $20 I think that every penny is worth it. I can definitely see myself purchasing another Jojoba Oil after this one runs out. Even my boyfriend has been using this on his beard to help make it soft. It works really well.

Honestly, if you had told me that putting an oil on my skin to help combat oily skin years ago I would have said you were completely out of your mind. (And yes, I know I said that before but it’s so true!) I am blown away with how well the Jojoba Oil works.

Have you ever used Natural Oils for your skin or body? 

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