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Tooth Tablets: The Zero Waste Swap I didn’t enjoy
Tooth Tablets: The Zero Waste Swap I didn’t enjoy

Tooth Tablets: The Zero Waste Swap I didn’t enjoy

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The world of low waste toothpaste options is constantly expanding and I am here for it! One of my favourite toothpaste brands, Nelson Naturals recently released their take on tooth tablets… but I think I gave away a huge spoiler in the headline, didn’t I?

Nelson Naturals Crush & Brush Mint Tooth Tablets $13.49

This new release is a spin on traditional toothpaste which takes the paste out of the picture. Instead, these are similar to mints that you pop into your mouth. But instead of only freshening your breath, you chew and brush with them. Do not swallow.

Throughout the crushing process these little tooth tablets create an interesting fizzing sensation. Like a small bath bomb for your mouth, but tastier.


Similar to the Nelson Naturals Toothpaste, these little tablets come in a glass jar with a metal lid. I do applaud Nelson Naturals for continuing to use a low-waste packaging option. However, I feel like an aluminum container would be much easier for transport.

Why isn’t this a match made in heaven?

As I stated in my Zero Waste Toothpaste Options post, these tablets are perfect for someone who is always on the go. They’re exceptionally portable; perfect for camping trips or even a journey across the sea. Which is why I think the packaging needs to be a bit more travel-friendly.

Prior to using these tooth tablets, I haven’t had any experience with a mint-like toothpaste option. I’m not sure if most brands produce the carbonated sensation or whether that is an addition created by Nelson Naturals. I believe there is certainly some room for improvement.

The first few moments of brushing is fantastic, but once these mints completely dissolve you’re left with a watery consistency in your mouth. Although the taste is minty, my mouth lacks a certain feeling of cleanliness.

Tooth Tablets Pinterest

These Crush & Brush tablets are an amazing stride forward and I still love the Nelson Naturals Jar Toothpaste. I also love the idea of a tooth tablet. Just not this one.

Have you ever used a tooth tablet?

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