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The Second Trimester | TMI
The Second Trimester | TMI

The Second Trimester | TMI

The past fourteen weeks have flown by! With lots going on at work and in our day-to-day lives I cannot believe that we’re entering into the third trimester this week; so here we are for a little Second Trimester Update! This will be similar to my First Trimester Update post in case you’re curious 😉

My Second Trimester

I’m not going to lie, the second trimester has been relatively uneventful symptoms-wise. The first couple weeks (after the fatigue sort of went away) it was hard to remember I was pregnant. It wasn’t until my belly started protruding and the tiny little kicks began that I really felt pregnant.

It’s kind of scary in a way – the first couple weeks of the second trimester where you honestly just feel like you ate a really big burrito. Because you can’t really tell that you’re pregnant yet you still assume that you are. There’s nothing to remind you that pregnancy is still a thing unless you’re looking at the scale (which I may not recommend!)

The Second Trimester The one and only bump photo I've taken!

The Second Trimester

The one and only bump photo I've taken!

Some notable symptoms during the Second Trimester (Don’t worry, I won’t hold back!)

  • Nipple Leakage. It’s a real thing for some people and I’m one of those unfortunate few; it’s called Colostrum and it’s essentially your breasts preparing to produce breast milk for your little one. There’s no real rhyme or reason how or why it starts to come out… it just does. Wet nipples are pretty uncomfortable, let me tell you!
  • Bloating. I have noticed that if you don’t take the time to eat your food slowly you can get some really bad stomach aches and bloating. I work in a retail environment where we don’t really get an assigned lunch break and a customer could come in at any time – so when you get a moment to eat your lunch you have to scarf it down pretty darn quick!
  • You want to eat everything. This didn’t really change for me from the First Trimester because I was lucky enough to avoid the wrath of morning sickness!
  • Bowel problems. With your uterus growing a tiny little human, your internal organs shift around and get pretty squished in the process. You either lose by becoming constipated or if you eat too much fibre then everything wants to come out without much warning. It’s a fun game – guessing what your bowels are going to do that day!
  • Acne. Acne has been a symptom I’ve had from the First Trimester and has continued to prevail. I don’t think it’s going to go away anytime soon and it really sucks feeling fat and ugly. There’s no pregnancy glow here!
  • Back Pain. This has only started during my last couple weeks of the second trimester, but the back pain is intense. I find that in the mornings my back hurts the most and I really don’t want to roll out of bed. (I have been using pillows for support but they only help to a certain extent.)

And an unexpected social symptom of the Second Trimester

As stated earlier, I work in retail and I work on a commission basis. Meaning I kind of want customers in order to pay my bills! Something I’ve noticed a lot since I started to show was that people don’t trust you to sell to them.

I’ve had men and women ask for other male salespeople. This has never happened once before I was pregnant! I don’t really know what it is but I presume that people think you’re suddenly an idiot when you get pregnant. Yes, it’s true that the brain shrinks down to 60% it’s normal size throughout pregnancy but I didn’t get stupid over night!

If anyone can explain this phenomenon I would greatly appreciate it…


Some good things about starting to show your pregnancy

You can finally use pregnancy parking spaces! It’s so nice going to the grocery store and be able to park right by the front. However, I get irrationally upset when I see someone who is not pregnant nor with a child using these spaces.

People are more likely to hold doors for you – this could either be a pro or con depending on how you feel about someone opening a door. I’m a big fan of this because I’m a germaphobe and absolutely hate touching door handles.

Second Trimester Milestones

Unrelated to pregnancy, but we bought our first house!

felt the baby’s first kick at 15 weeks

found out we’re having a little baby girl at 20 weeks

first saw my belly move at 22 weeks

Another long post, but I really hope that it can be of help to someone who is going through pregnancy as well! Each pregnancy is entirely different so I hope that you’re lucky enough to avoid some of the symptoms I’ve had!

How was/is your second trimester?

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