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The Lowdown on Cloth Pads
The Lowdown on Cloth Pads

The Lowdown on Cloth Pads

I truly love my Organicup, but sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of backup on heavy days. Or to skip the cup altogether.

I’ll admit, cloth pads can be bulky and uncomfortable depending on the brand. If you solely use tampons, I recommend trying out a menstrual cup instead. But if you’re a current pad user, this information will be quite valuable to you.

Cloth Pad Brands

There are so many different types of cloth pads on the market. Increasingly popular are menstrual panties. And while I can’t speak to the effectiveness of those, I’m sure the care instructions are quite similar.

I’ve accumulated a variety of cloth pad brands. But my favourite brand is Lunapads. They’re conveniently available on! 

Routine Maintenance

Taking care of cloth pads is very simple. Once you have used a cloth pad, you rinse it under cold water to prevent staining and release some of the blood. If you’re unable to rinse right away, I suggest you invest in a small wet bag that will make storing dirty pads and changing on-the-go a breeze.

I personally enjoy the Bumkin’s brand of wet bags!

After a good rinse in cool water, I place the soiled pads into a wet bag until wash day. A wet bag will prevent the pads from dripping and contain any smells. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t wait more than three days to wash soiled pads.


On wash day you can add your cloth pads directly to a load of laundry. Make sure to wash on a cold setting. This will allow the blood to release from the material.

Do not use bleach, fabric softener or heavily scented laundry detergent to wash your cloth pads. Not only will this create a build-up and reduce the absorbency of the pad, but a heavily fragranced detergent could lead to urinary tract infections.


Avoid placing your clean cloth pads in the dryer. Instead use a drying rack or line dry. The heat from the tumble dryer will deteriorate the PUL waterproof coating, which is what prevents the cloth pad from leaking everywhere.

How long do cloth pads last?

With proper care you should be able to get at least five years of use from your cloth pads. I’ve been using these as a backup for my menstrual cup or on light days since the beginning of 2016. They’re still in great condition!

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