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Tampax Cup Review
Tampax Cup Review

Tampax Cup Review

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In 2018 Tampax announced their version of the menstrual cup. When I heard this news, I was excited to finally see large companies opting for more sustainable feminine hygiene products (and of course, provide the Tampax cup review for you!)

I am more than happy with my Organicup even after my pregnancy. However, I really wanted to try the Tampax Cup because it is so readily available-at most retailers where the Divacup is sold, too.

I should make a mention that one cup does not fit all. Therefore you should thoroughly research before you choose to purchase a menstrual cup and find the right fit for you. Lucky for you, I have a beginner’s guide to menstrual cups to ensure you find the right one.

The Tampax Cup Review

The Tampax cup was designed with an OB-GYN to create a new shape which is said to provide a more comfortable fit. Most cups are a typical shape, but the Tampax Cup has it’s own unique flanged design.

Tampax offers two sizes for their cup: Regular flow and Heavy Flow. The Regular flow has a capacity for up to 20ml which is best suited for someone who would typically use light-regular tampons.

Within the box you receive the menstrual cup, a plastic carrying case and a guide for how to use.

Cup Comparison Chart

(Stem to Opening)
DiameterSilicone Firmness
Tampax Regular Flow20 ml1.65″1.85″Very Firm
DivaCup Size 130ml2.25″1.69″Firm
OrganiCup Size A20ml1.85″1.58″Less Firm

Who would the Tampax Cup be best suited for?

The Tampax cup would be best for someone who either exercises often or has a weakened pelvic floor. The unique flanged design is said to keep the cup in place without placing pressure on the bladder. If you have a high cervix this cup would likely fit correctly.

Tampax Cup Review will it work for you?

My personal opinion on the Tampax cup

I did not enjoy the Tampax cup for a number of reasons. I know from my previous experience of using the DivaCup, that I have a lower cervix and prefer a softer silicone. Both DivaCup and Tampax Cup were uncomfortable and leaked because they are not the right fit.

I could feel the Tampax Cup after insertion; ideally you would not feel any excess pressure or discomfort when you find a cup that fits correctly. I greatly dislike the flange opening during insertion and removal, too. It was painful to remove due to how firm the silicone is-I pushed a human through that opening and I don’t want flashbacks while removing a menstrual cup. It should not hurt.

Improvements to the Tampax Cup

I am glad to see a big company adopting a more sustainable feminine hygiene product, but the Tampax cup is in need of some improvements, especially for women with a lower cervix. If this cup was offered in a softer silicone it would likely be more comfortable. I also don’t see any benefit to the flanged design which makes the cup a larger diameter. That being said, I don’t look in vaginas for a living so I’m not well versed in the anatomy of them.

Sustainable Decisions where Tampax fell short

The carrying case for the Tampax cup is handy, but quite bulky. I would prefer to see a fabric bag similar to the one that most other menstrual cup companies use. Excess plastic is truly what we are trying to avoid.

Within the guide that Tampax provides for use and care, they state that you should purchase a new cup every year; if you are properly caring for your cup it should last you at least 3-5 years. Staining is normal and does not mean that your cup is dirty or should be tossed. Ultimately, if you have the financial means and don’t care about the environment (why are you here?) you do you.

Have you used the Tampax Cup?

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