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You’re here because you’re interested in leading a more natural and eco-friendly lifestyle. It also helps that you have a slight passion for witty and sarcastic content 😉

Our consumeristic lifestyles have been driving you crazy. You realize that there’s an over abundance of waste and products made solely for single-use – which really adds up! You’re more interested in living a lifestyle that focuses on conscious choices. Since you’re here, it tells me that you are looking for something more (by using and consuming less!)


  • You don’t know where to start.
  • Need more information on ways to live a greener lifestyle.
  • Feel easily tempted by the fast fashion, fast food and products made for quick consumption.

Your journey is just that a journey. it doesn’t mean that you have to have all the answers today!

Although it would help, wouldn’t it?

You’re ready to make the change to a more conscious lifestyle and help better the world around you.

But you just have absolutely no clue on where you should begin!

Here at Sustainably Savvy I’ve begun my journey with these values in mind…

  • We have the power and ability to make a change no matter how small it may seem.
  • If you’ve been thinking about a more conscious lifestyle – you’re at least one step away.
  • You deserve to feel like you are making a change, that you are bettering the world and the people around you by switching to more sustainable lifestyle (not that you should go around bragging about it… I hear people aren’t big fans of that.)

In summary, if you want to take the step to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle then I’m here to help you make that switch, no matter how small (or big) it may seem!

Lindsey ElyseHey! My Name is Lindsey Elyse and I’m passionate about living a more eco-friendly, sustainable and green lifestyle (whatever you want to call it!)

How did I become obsessed with sustainability?

As a young girl I was taught the importance of taking care of the planet we live on. Through making sustainable choices like recycling, respecting the environment and understanding how ecosystems work.

I went to school for Interior Design, thinking that my passion was creating and designing interior spaces only to realize during my Bachelor Degree I enjoyed the outside world more. It wasn’t about creating and sculpting landscapes outside though – it was fully appreciating what is already there. I realized that Interior Design was not my passion. 

Luckily I didn’t have to go into debt to figure that out though. Thanks Dad! 

So I started my website – originally as an outlet to escape the monotony of interiors. But then I found an interest in reading about what chemicals are in makeup, how we can live a greener lifestyle and decided to write about it (originally under the name LindseyGinge.)

This website has become my daily obsession.

I’m always looking for ways to improve and share information on how we can lead a healthier lifestyle whether it be through everyday choices like green beauty or more drastic lifestyle changes like going zero waste.

In fact, I’ll spend my spare time doing boring things like reading up on chemicals that are within our everyday products. It’s pretty shocking what you can find – things that are carcinogenic, skin irritants and toxic to our bodies that we apply on our skin every day.

As of 2018, I am officially on my Zero Waste Journey

You can expect to find more posts about making the switch to live a zero-waste lifestyle and ways to reduce your environmental impact. It’s a learning curve, but don’t worry, I’m with you every step of the way!

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