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If you do anything today: Sign MAPS
If you do anything today: Sign MAPS

If you do anything today: Sign MAPS

The Arctic Ocean is the Earth’s air conditioning system. And as the ice melts our weather patterns are changing. Drastically. We are experiencing more flooding, more droughts and much more extreme heat waves around the world.

Here’s the problem with what’s happening in the Arctic.

The Arctic ocean has been covered in snow and ice over the past several thousand years. The snow reflects the UV rays back toward the sun and deflects the heat.

However as the snow and ice melt, the dark blue water absorbs more of the UV rays. Our air conditioning system has been replaced with a heating system.

These warmer waters create a huge change for the adjoining oceans, bringing increasingly drastic weather patterns to already extremely hot countries, like Africa.

When I joined as a Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) Ambassador, I was astounded by how many volunteers were coming from developing countries. And truly, it’s because they are the ones feeling these changes first.

Although it has become a small shift here in Canada with above average rainfall and a small increase of a couple degrees, we aren’t seeing these massive changes take effect. At least not yet. But we can’t wait for the worst to happen.

What is

Parvati was founded by the Canadian singer-songwriter, Parvati Devi in 2014. After learning about oil exploration and seismic testing she realized the importance of protecting the Arctic Ocean. It is a non-profit and run exclusively through volunteers.

Why do we need to protect the Arctic Ocean?

According to National Geographic, the Arctic Ocean is warming faster than anywhere else on Earth. Four million people reside and depend on the Arctic region.

Now that the Arctic sea ice is thinning, it has become a trading route for countries in the Northern Hemisphere. It is bordered by Canada, the U.S, Iceland, Norway and Russia. All of whom are exploiting the use of it. Through their military presence and financial opportunities such as oil drilling.


“In 2018, the Arctic Ocean experienced itsĀ second-worst sea ice decline on record. Parts of Greenland were exposed to open ocean for the first time in millennia.”

The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS) is working to protect the Arctic ocean from exploitation. By making the ocean a place of sanctuary. The MAPS treaty needs to be signed by 99 United Nations leaders in order to be enacted.

Instead of being exploited as a trading route and for oil, it will become an international conservation area.

You can help

By signing the MAPS petition, you can relay the importance of protecting the Arctic ocean to your government leader. Your signature will show them that the citizens of their country care about the preservation of the planet.

So far, we have seen the smallest nations supporting the world’s largest ocean preserve. Let’s step it up.

Next Steps

Sign the MAPS Petition

Keep up to date with the Parvati Magazine as a source for inspiration and wellbeing.

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