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How To Sew Your Own Reusable Cotton Rounds
How To Sew Your Own Reusable Cotton Rounds

How To Sew Your Own Reusable Cotton Rounds

Recently I’ve been very interested in trying to minimize the amount of waste I produce. I don’t believe I’ll ever achieve a zero waste lifestyle, but I certainly want to try my best. That’s why I’ve decided to switch to a menstrual cup, reusable pads and make my own reusable cotton rounds that can be washed in between uses. If minimizing your waste is something you’re interested in as well – make sure to keep reading 😊


How to make your own reusable cotton rounds

Cotton rounds have a variety of uses for makeup application, removal and even face cleansing. I personally use cotton rounds to remove stubborn eye makeup and applying toner to my skin after washing. I have noticed that a package of 30 can cost up to $4.00. Which means you’re paying around $0.15 per cotton round… it’s not much but it certainly can add up! You can easily lower the cost per use by creating your own reusable cotton rounds that can be washed plenty of times.

If you have basic knowledge of how to sew using a machine, then these cotton rounds are very simple to make. The hardest part is turning the fabric and trying to make it a perfect circle. Luckily because you will be flipping these inside out you won’t be seeing the seams!

What you need

  • Sewing machine with thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • A glass or a round object
  • Cotton fabric (I chose 100% organic cotton. You can use bleached cotton as well just make sure it is 100% cotton. Not a blend.)
  • A little bit of patience 😉

Step One: Stencil and Cutting

stencil and cutting cotton rounds

First, lay out your fabric on a large, flat surface like your dining table. Make sure that the fabric is folded over (you should have two layers!) Then use a round object of your choice to trace the circles. In this case I used a wine glass. A larger object will make it easier to sew.

Once you have the circles stenciled in (use chalk or a fabric marker!) You can cut out the squares of fabric and pin them. Make sure that all the pins are facing the same direction. You want to feed the fabric into the machine with the coloured pinhead toward you (check out the picture below!)

Step Two: Start Sewing

sewing cotton rounds

Notice how I have the pin heads closest to me? Make sure to keep it like that when you’re sewing in order to ensure that you can remove them easily. Also notice how I’m using purple thread? You should probably use white thread (I ran out!) In order to make sure that you cannot see the final seam as much.

Don’t sew the entire circle. You want to leave about a finger width opening in order to flip the cotton round inside out. This will hide the ugly seam! Once you have flipped it inside out you will need to sew the small portion that has been left open.

sewing reusable cotton rounds

When you flip the cotton round inside out try and grab it from the very back and pull it through the small opening. It’ll be so much easier to feed it through that way. If you leave a small tab at the bottom it will be easier to sew the small opening shut as well. Just make sure to fold in the excess fabric.

Reusable Cotton Rounds

reusable cotton rounds

As you can see, the purple thread really draws attention to the small seam at the bottom of the cotton round. Other than that they are very sturdy and don’t look half bad (if I do say so, myself!)

I made ten of these cotton rounds on Sunday afternoon. They aren’t difficult to sew as long as you have prior knowledge of how to use a sewing machine. Once you get the stencils cut and start to find your sewing mojo you can get through 6-10 of these pretty darn quick! Plus you’re one step closer to living a zero waste lifestyle 👍

Do you enjoy sewing? 

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