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Renew Wellness Face Powder Cleanser | Review
Renew Wellness Face Powder Cleanser | Review

Renew Wellness Face Powder Cleanser | Review

Recently I’ve been trying a lot of products that are different from what you’d typically find; like toothpaste in a jar and even a powder version of toothpaste. Today I’m going to share something in a similar respect, but with a slight bit more success than the latter: a powder cleanser. 

Renew Wellness 3-in-1  Brightening Cleanser

Behind the Brand

Renew Wellness is inspired by Ayurvedic practices and embraces that herbs and minerals are the key to living a healthy and beautiful life. Thus, all of Renew Wellness products are plant-based, natural and chemical-free.

renew wellness 3in1 cleanser

About the Brighten 3-in-1 Face Powder $36.00

The Brightening 3-in-1 Face Powder is packed with ingredients with anti-oxidant properties, aimed to reduce inflammation, discolouration and exfoliate the skin. Vitamin C is the star ingredient within this particular product through the use of Sweet Orange Essential Oil and Orange Peels.

It is meant to be used as a daily facial cleanser or it can be mixed with honey to create a superfood mask for your skin.

The Renew Wellness website states that this product will leave your skin looking younger and healthier.

Ingredient Safety Key

Safe Ingredient

Ingredient to use with Caution

Unsafe Ingredient

Limited Data

🌱Certified Organic

The Ingredients

I have to say, I love the no-nonsense ingredient list and have to point out that by creating this product in a powder format, they do not need to use any preservatives. So let’s take a look at what’s in this:

Green Tea, Orange Peel, Rice Powder, Licorice Powder, Red Lentils, Turmeric, Pink Himalayan Salt, Peppermint Essential Oil*, Sweet Orange Essential Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil**.

* Essential Oils are a potential skin irritant.
** Coconut Oil can be comedogenic (clog pores.)

How does the Renew Wellness 3-in-1 Brighten Face Powder Cleanser Perform?

I have been testing this product for the past month; I have tried it as a daily cleanser mixed with water as well as a face mask mixed with honey. In all honesty, I do prefer this as the latter and find that this is is just too exfoliating for everyday use.

I have sensitive skin and after a couple days of using I noticed that my face became red and irritated. Knowing that this was the only change to my skincare routine I scaled back on the use and opted to add this into my routine as a face mask only.

Physical exfoliants are not my preferred way to cleanse my skin and unclog pores. I’d much rather use a chemical exfoliant as it’s less harsh on delicate skin. However, for someone with less sensitive skin this may be a good option to add to their skincare routine.

As a cleanser…

I found that this works surprisingly well to leave skin feeling smooth. Even though the mixture feels quite rough on the skin. I used this after oil cleansing and did not feel the need to go in with another surfactant afterward. It sufficiently cleansed my face with Ayurvedic magic.

Renew Wellness Brightening 3 in 1 face powder cleanser

What would I change about it?

Now, I’m not going to lie, this isn’t my favourite product as it stands right now. I do believe that there are some improvements that could be made to make it become a top shelf product. Firstly, removing the physical exfoliants- or just have a smaller grain consistency so the product is not as rough on the skin.

Second, remove coconut oil. Solely because I loathe any face product that contains coconut oil due to the comedogenic properties of it. Perhaps opt for something like Jojoba instead.

Otherwise I was quite happy with the results when I used it once a week as a face mask.


I think it is important to note that these face powders are beautifully packaged in glass jars with a plastic lid. I do wish the lid was white plastic as it’s more readily recyclable, but otherwise I am very happy with the way that the product is contained.

Final Thoughts

With a few tweaks, I think the Renew Wellness 3-in-1 Brighten Face Powder could really become a product that I use on a daily basis. I would love to see a formulation that is made for more sensitive skin and perhaps using a natural chemical exfoliant rather than a physical one.

Have you used a powder cleanser? 

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