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Pure Kisses Face Mask by Clean Kiss Organics | Review
Pure Kisses Face Mask by Clean Kiss Organics | Review

Pure Kisses Face Mask by Clean Kiss Organics | Review

After binge eating during the holiday season I feel as though I need to detox my body. I’m not talking about crazy cleanses or anything; just eating more fruit, drinking more water and giving my skin the time and loving care that it deserves.

Something I have been loving recently is the Clean Kiss Organics Pure Kisses Detoxifying Clay mask… washing all the sins of 2018 away. Well, almost all of them.

Clean Kiss Organics Pure Kisses Clay Mask Review

Behind The Brand:


Pure Kisses Face Mask: Superfood Clay Mask

About the Pure Kisses Detox Face Mask $20 CAD

Described to be as effective as a juice cleanse is for detoxifying our body, the Pure Kisses Face Mask will help draw out impurities within the skin such as a dirt and pollution. It’s suitable for all skin types ranging from teens to mature skin; though I would suggest this for those with more oily skin.

Ingredient Safety Key

Safe Ingredient

Ingredient to use with Caution

Unsafe Ingredient

Limited Data

🌱Certified Organic

The Ingredients

Bentonite clay (purifying), Oatmeal powder (anti-inflammatory), Camellia sinensis (Green Tea) extract (anti-oxidant), Kaolin clay (absorbs oils), L-ascorbyl palmitate (Vitamin C) (brightening), Maca powder (soothes skin)

Suggested Uses

One of the benefits of using a powder mask is your ability to customize it to suit your needs. With the Pure Kisses clay mask the options are (nearly) endless!

The ratios are based in tablespoons.

Blending Options

Normal Skin Detox1:1 mix with warm water
Acne Prone/ Oily Skintypes1:1 mix with honey
Dry Skin1:1 mix with mashed avocado
Deep Cleanse1:1:1 mix with warm water and apple cider vinegar

My thoughts on the Pure Kisses Clay Face Mask

I have been a fan of clay masks for a very long time-even before I started with a good skincare routine. Used on a weekly basis it can be very beneficial for cleansing the pores.

When mixed with honey, you have the perfect duo! The anti-bacterial and brightening properties in honey are extremely useful for dull skin. Mixing the Pure Kisses Face Mask with honey is definitely my personal favourite way to use this product.

The price point of the Pure Kiss Clay Face Mask is fair, too. Within the jar you get roughly 17 uses if you’re using a full tablespoon each time. That’s only slightly over a dollar per use; plus you get to personalize it to your skintype! Quite honestly, I can get away with half a tablespoon to stretch the longevity of the Pure Kisses Clay powder even further.

pure kisses face mask


As with all my reviews, I like to point out how the packaging could be changed to be more sustainable. If you’ve been around a while you will know that where I live, and in most places across Canada, black plastic is not recyclable (see: How to recycle properly!)

The lid on the Pure Kisses Face mask is black plastic which unfortunately will eventually end up in the landfill. I do wish the product was packaged in glass-or at the very least with a white plastic lid that can be more readily recycled!

Final Thoughts

I have really been enjoying the Clean Kiss Organics Pure Kisses Clay Face Mask. I absolutely love that you are able to tailor it to your skintype and even use the same product to multi-mask depending on which parts of your skin are acting up. This product goes a long way and it’s has definitely helped to clear my skin after these gluttonous past few weeks.

Are you a fan of clay masks?

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