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Organicup Review | TMI
Organicup Review | TMI

Organicup Review | TMI

Step back Divacup (but not too far back!) Because there’s some serious cup competition here. After over a year of faithful use to my dear friend. I decided to give another one a try… and to save you some time yes, I do love it! Even if it’s not made in Canada…

What is the Organicup?

If you’re new here, you probably don’t know that I’m a big fan of menstrual cups (there I said it!) and if you’re thinking “ew” please go back to this post in order to acquaint yourself!

Where to Buy the Organicup?

This company is based out of Denmark and it seems that unless you’re in the EU, the only place you can really order it from is the Femininewear website. However, it’s pretty shop-friendly if you’re outside of the UK and while searching the website you can see the prices in your currency. They have tonnes of different cups at pretty reasonable prices (similar or cheaper to what you could order on Amazon) once converted to CAD this cup cost $36.94 (cheaper than the Divacup) and shipping was about $9.00 to Canada. It arrived quickly in about a week with tracking info along the way, super reasonable!

2018 UPDATE: Organicup now ships directly to Canada from their website. However, their price is now about $42.00 Canadian (with shipping.)


Why Did I purchase a new cup?

Divacup is one of the largest cups available on the market. It holds a whopping 30ml of… liquid. This is very close in size, with a capacity of 23 ml. There were lots of reasons why I wanted to try a new cup, but here’s the top three:

  • Size (Capacity) – My flow has changed over the course of the year and I no longer needed the large capacity, after 12 hours of wear I wasn’t even close to filling the cup on my heaviest day! But I didn’t want to sacrifice too much in case if does change once again. A 7 ml drop seemed safe. 
  • Size (Length) – There’s a reason that I put ‘TMI’ in the title… because right now we’re getting deep down into that ‘too much information’ zone! I have a lower cervix, which means I need a smaller cup in order for it to work effectively. Throughout my past year using the Divacup, it worked well with some minor leaking. After researching I found that if a cup isn’t the right size it can have problems with suction causing those leaks. After using the Organicup I can confirm that when used properly cups can have no leakage! Hurray!
  • Comfort – After lots of research for different cups online, I noticed that this cup is softer than the Divacup. The Divacup has firm silicon which can be rather uncomfortable (ie. I felt like I had to pee most of the day!) whereas this cup is much less noticeable and comfortable.

How does the Organicup differ from the Divacup?

Here’s a side-by-side comparison that I aligned from the bottom of the cups (unfortunately I shot these pictures in two very different lighting conditions which is why I changed it to B&W!) As you can see though, with the Divacup stem trimmed, the length is extremely close to the length of the Organicup with its stem. (These pictures are not to accurate scale, but close.)


Organicup  Size Small (A) Length (not including the stem!): 47 mm
Divacup Size Small (1) Length (not including the stem!): 57 mm

With the Organicup being more malleable, smaller in size and diameter it fits so much more comfortably. That being said, if you’re used to using the Divacup then you might find it weird trying to insert the Organicup due to it being much more flexible. Brownie points go to the firmer cup when it comes to insertion. Both cups have 4 holes surrounding the base for suction, but the holes on the Organicup are much larger and easier to clean!

Another thing the Organicup lacks is measurements, if you like to keep track of that kind of stuff it isn’t as easy. There are two dashed lines on the edges but they don’t note the capacity.

Final Verdict

I am extremely happy I purchased this. I loved the Divacup, but apparently it wasn’t quite the right fit for me! Nevertheless I’m going to keep it as a backup. Even if you’re not interested in Menstrual cups, but you want to switch to a more environmentally friendly way to deal with that monthly gift- the Femininewear website has loads of natural tampons/ pads! Plus, they sent me some candy with my order (obviously women understand the struggle! and no, this is not a sponsored post.)

What do you think of Menstrual Cups?

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