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New Wash by Hairstory | Worth the Splurge?
New Wash by Hairstory | Worth the Splurge?

New Wash by Hairstory | Worth the Splurge?

This post contains affiliate links and products sent to me for review.

I‘m always down for trying weird and new funky products, so when I saw the opportunity to give this “revolutionary” product a try I jumped on it! New Wash is the new game in town for hair washing and I’m here today to let you know whether it’s worth the mullah ($$$.)

New Wash by Hairstory – what is it?!

New Wash was created by Michael Gordon (bumble & bumble’s founder) and it’s said to replace conventional shampoo and conditioning – that’s right, you no longer need shampoo or conditioner! It has a proprietary blend of essential oils that don’t leave your hair stripped, yet they still allow you to remove the natural oils that is produced by your scalp. New Wash is paraben, pthalate and sulfate-free with a unique formula that does not produce any bubbles.

An 8oz Bottle runs for $40.00 USD

New Wash Review

Seeing as it’s not your typical routine of shampoo and conditioning there is a bit of trick to using this product.

Step 1. Wet your hair.

Step 2. Lather all over (make sure your entire head is coated!)

Step 3. Massage. You know when you go to the hair dresser and they give you that nice deep head massage? Do that. Like a lot.

Step 4. Continue with the rest of your shower and let the New Wash moisturize your hair.

Step 5. Rinse thoroughly. You want to make sure you get every little bit out.

New Wash states that after continual use your hair may need to be washed less often – so if you’re used to washing your hair every day you can probably get a few days out of it eventually. They also state that because you don’t have to use multiple products to clean your hair it’s more sustainable, it will save you time and it’s not going to pollute the water with any nasty ingredients.


So Does it Work?

If you’re an avid follower, you may have seen my story on Instagram following my first impressions after the first time using it. To be frank I was not won over at all! I’m not fond of the smell and I found that it didn’t save me any time in the shower.

The pump on this bottle is total crap. I don’t have super long hair but it takes at least 15 pumps in order to get enough product out onto my hand – I would actually prefer a normal squeeze bottle. A lot of time is spent wasting water trying to get this sh*t in your hair! The lathering is nice, you definitely do feel as though it’s moisturizing your hair and it definitely feels much cleaner when you’re rinsing it out.

However I just don’t like it. I feel like I spent more time in the shower through fighting with the pump and rinsing than I would with normal shampoo and conditioner. I have very thin hair, but I have lots of it and my hair was left feeling really heavy after a couple uses. I noticed that it did feel sort of soft but perhaps that’s because I left some product in my hair? After washing with this product I needed to start washing my hair daily rather than every other day because it left my hair more oily than normal – and girl trust me I rinsed! I spent like five minutes rinsing!

This product is a total waste of money in my humble opinion. You’re better off getting natural shampoo and conditioner like Carina Organics which will run you about $10 per bottle. For the price and how much of the New Wash you have to use, I think it’s just throwing your money away. The one good thing I have found with the New Wash is that it makes a really good shaving cream for your legs! Not that it’s meant to be used for that… but if you do end up wasting your money on it, it’s good to keep in mind!

I really do appreciate New Wash sending me this product, but it’s definitely not something I’m going to rave about and the last thing I’m going to do is lie. Perhaps it would work better for someone with shorter hair and a less oily scalp, but it just did absolutely nothing good for my ginger locks. Save your money! Buy Carina Organics instead – Seriously!

Have you heard about/ tried New Wash? 

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