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The Benefits of Marula Oil
The Benefits of Marula Oil

The Benefits of Marula Oil

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I love adding oils into my skincare routine. Why? Because they’re pure and simple. No added ingredients or chemicals. Just a natural oil in it’s best form. So today we’re going to discuss one of the oils I have been loving for the past couple months; Marula Oil!

Myra Aso Marula Oil & Why Your Hair Needs Marula Oil


Behind the Brand

Myra Aso IS BASED IN CANADA AND makes all of their products in small, handmade batches. Although they specialize in Marula Oil, they use many other African Oils and Butters.

Let’s talk about the packaging…

The Myra Aso Pure Marula Oil comes in a gorgeous little bottle equipped with an eye dropper to easily collect the oil. It’s a simple product that looks much more expensive than it really is. (The Myra Aso Pure Marula Oil retails for $26.50 CAD)

What is Marula Oil?

Marula Oil is extracted from the nut of the Marula tree. There are two forms of marula oil depending on whether the oil is extracted from the inner seed or whether it is extracted from the outer, harder shell. Marula oil is packed with natural antioxidants which make it great for skin and hair.

However, it is important to note that the comedogenic rating on Marula Oil is similar to Coconut Oil. Therefore if you can tolerate Coconut Oil on your skin you can most likely use Marula Oil as well.

I have acne prone skin and therefore I prefer to use Marula Oil as a hair treatment (more on that later!)

myra aso the benefits of marula oil

Marula Oil: The Natural Fatty Acids

Oleic Acid (70-78%)

A naturally occurring fatty acid which is present in our own sebum. Oleic acid helps to hydrate skin — and keep it hydrated! It’s also great at helping to fight free-radical damage and promote healing.

Linoleic Acid (4-7%)

Linoleic Acid is not naturally occurring in our skin, but it is another fatty acid. Linoleic acid is great at stimulating cell growth and therefore helping to repair damaged skin.

Palmitic Acid (9-12%)

Palmitic acid is one of the most common fatty acids in our body, but as we age our levels of palmitic acid decrease quite a bit. It works as a great emollient to keep moisture locked into your skin.

Stearic Acid (5-8%)

Stearic acid is another fatty acid that works well to keep skin hydrated (seeing a trend?)

Arachidonic Acid (0.3-0.7%)

Arachidonic acid is another fatty acid that is fantastic for locking in moisture. Although in high concentrations it can cause redness and irritation of the skin.

*Source for fatty acid percentages

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The Benefits of Marula Oil

As you can see, Marula Oil is chock full of some amazing natural acids which is why it is so popular in Africa. These natural fatty acids work together to help moisturize, retain moisture, help fight aging and defend your skin against free-radical damage. As long as you don’t have acne-prone skin… 

Marula Oil for Hair

As I said before, I love using the Myra Aso Marula Oil for my hair; I have tried using it as a skincare oil and unfortunately my acne-prone skin did not get along with it. On the flip side though, I have been loving this oil as a natural hair moisturizing treatment.

I apply the Myra Aso Marula Oil after washing, while my hair is still damp. It doesn’t leave my hair feeling oily but I do notice that it helps keep frizz to a minimum (especially during the dry winter season.)

Post-Partum Hair Loss…

About three months after delivering my baby, I noticed an influx of hair leaving my scalp. Here I was thinking I had escaped the grasp of the post-partum hair loss (but nope, it came full force.)

Since the post-partum hair loss began (about two months ago) I’ve been using some of the Marula Oil on my scalp to try and avoid any excess losses.

I do fully believe that the Marula Oil has helped reduce the amount of hair that I am losing.
(Can anyone tell me when I can expect the hair loss to fully stop though?!)

Who do I recommend Marula Oil for?

If you do not have acne-prone skin or if you can use coconut oil without breaking out then Marula Oil will be very beneficial in your skincare routine! If you are looking for a way to naturally keep frizz at bay and moisturize your hair or scalp you can also benefit from Marula Oil.

I love that Myra Aso is a Canadian Brand — they offer a range of different products, I am smitten with their Pure Marula Oil. I think that their Citrus Marula Butter would be a perfect way to hydrate during the warm summer months.

Have you ever used Marula Oil?

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