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The Great Makeup Purge 2017 | How You Can Do it Too!
The Great Makeup Purge 2017 | How You Can Do it Too!

The Great Makeup Purge 2017 | How You Can Do it Too!

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Due to being a beauty blogger, I’ve faced the problem of having more products in my possession than I can humanly use. Many would see this as a great problem – lots of options, choice…and clutter. Personally I hate feeling cluttered and I absolutely hate mess. (This is coming from the person who had trails in their bedroom from the door to bed in High School. You could honestly barely see the floor. Please tell me I’m not the only one!)

The Great Makeup Purge of 2017 + Steps to Clearing the Makeup Clutter

Mid Century Dressing Table

If I had it my way, I would love to have a makeup vanity that looks as elegant, simple and clean as the one in the picture. However, because I am a “goo-hoarder” as the wise Jenna Marbles would say, I hold onto crap that I don’t even like. Simply because I spent money on it and it owes me.

Yet, I go out and purchase another product to replace that product that I dislike because I dislike it… but can’t bear to throw it out!

Does that sound like you?

Perhaps what you’re looking for is also a makeup purge. A way to escape the death-grip of products that have made you their slaves. If every time you look at it, it gives you that twinge of hope + disappointment, you need to cut the ties and just throw it out.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that it’s important to try and use what you can and recycle when you can because ultimately throwing something out is just transporting it to another place where it just stock piles up. But, in order to begin the change to living a more green and eco-friendly lifestyle you may ultimately have to take out the trash.

Just as long as you don’t do it every week. 

Okay, so how does one start their own makeup purge?

It’s really simple. You just go through the products that you dislike or haven’t used in a few years and cut the ties. If you have a friend that you know would love the products you don’t – you could always just pawn them off onto them.

or better yet, 

Participate in a makeup swap with some of your friends. Gather all your unloved products, meet up for some drinks at a cafe or restaurant and trade products! Ideally, try not to grab anything… and if you do then just don’t come home with more than you left with.

If there’s anything remaining that no one wanted – Toss it!

If you’re feeling suffocated by the amount of products that you have in your possession, this will help you immensely. Trust me, the birds start singing louder and the flowers start smelling better. (There’s no evidence of that, but I’m pretty sure they call it something along the lines of the “Euphoria of De-Cluttering.”)

Let’s take a look at how I conduct my makeup purges.

The Great Makeup Purge 2017: Face Products

makeup purge 2017

Okay, so this looks pretty minimal for a title such as the “great makeup purge” but trust me, there’s a heck of a lot more to come. In September 2016, I did my first Makeup Purge which I threw out a heck of a lot of other face related makeup products too. I’m not trying to make this a regular occurrence by any means.

Today I’m getting rid of two Nyx products. Nyx is a fabulous brand, but after making the switch to Green Beauty I realized that absolutely none of their products are any good. Therefore it’s time to call it quits.

Nyx Matte Finishing Spray

This is okay. I just don’t think a Matte Setting Spray is what I needed – my skin is already dry (especially during the winter) and I honestly haven’t used this in six months. Thus, it has to go.

Nyx Wonder Stick (Light)

I bought this last year in a haul from Nyx. I’ve used it maybe twice since. I dislike the ingredients and I dislike the cream contour.

Makeup Purge Tip

When deciding what to throw, think about the last time you used it. How did it work for you? Were you happy? It’s important to realize that makeup can directly relate to how you feel on a particular day (whether we want to admit it or not.) Therefore, if you can remember having a bad makeup day and not using the product in a while it may mean that it’s time to toss.

The Great Makeup Purge: Eye Makeup Products

why you should purge your makeup collection

I’m always hesitant to actually clear out my eye shadow collection because I realize that eyeshadow does have a tendency to last for a very long time. Even if you use it regularly.

Therefore I always slack in the eye department – thinking, well… what if I need this colour? Or what if one day I really want that one?

The truth is, I probably use one of my eyeshadow palettes 95% of the time. Reaching for another palette maybe once or twice within a year. Of course, this depends on what you do and what makeup you love the most.

I like more natural makeup looks. I’m not going to use a bold blue or red.

Cater to what you know that you use.

Quo Brow Pencil in “Taupe”

This was my holy grail pencil for the longest time. Honestly, it’s a great brow pencil – it works well, has a spooly and you don’t have to sharpen it. I think I went through about 3 or 4 of these within the past year. Unfortunately, it didn’t make the cut when I decided to switch to green makeup and therefore it’s never coming back. (But I did finish the one pictured!)

Essence Eyeshadow Pencil

I bought this two years ago and haven’t touched it since. You know why? Because you need to sharpen it. But not with any sharpener, you have to buy a bigger one. I am the definition of lazy and just haven’t bothered. Instead of buying a new sharpener for one pencil, this one just has to go.

L’Oreal Eye Liner Pot

I’ve had this since High School. It’s been five years since I graduated from High School… and I’ve used it a handful of times. It works well, but I never got the hang of making a nice thin line.

Benefit Gimme Brow (Tester)

I received this from Benefit as part of a free sign-up and try thing. I think that it’s very similar to the Essence version. Save your money, buy the one from Essence!

Annabelle Eye Shadow Palette

Years ago (in High School) I saw these “make your own palettes” and I jumped at the chance to throw all the metal colours I could into one palette. This was actually part of my Project Pan for 2016 and I don’t think I used it once. It has to go now.

Nyx Eye Shadow Palette

My first neutral eyeshadow palette that I got as a present from my Mum when I was 16. I rarely use it, but it has sentimental value simply because it was one of my very first palettes. The formula is no longer creamy, it’s chalky.

Assorted Eye Liner Pencils

I had a real obsession with gold + silver eyes for someone who never wears gold + silver on their eyes! The two LA Colour Eyeliner pencils are from the dollar store and I really wouldn’t trust what is in them. The Body Shop Eyeliner is a purple shade that is very patchy and difficult to blend on the eyes (it is 7 years old to be fair.)

Makeup Purge Tip

Sentimentality is a strong thing when it comes to decluttering. Even with makeup products you can look back and be reminded of people or moments. If you know that something is very important to you, then perhaps find a new way to display it or take a picture of it and place it in a scrapbook. This can be the biggest setback during your decluttering – don’t fight it, recognize it.

The Great Makeup Purge: Lip Products

makeup purge lip products 2017

For some reason, lipstick is like my kryptonite. If I see a nice colour I’m instantly attracted to it and buying it before I even know what happened. That my friends, is how you buy more than you need.

Instead of listing out all of these lipsticks, I’m going to state why I’m throwing them away as a general category. Either they are very blotchy when applied, broken, old or I just don’t use them.

The lipliners from Essence were cheap and nice for the first week or two of use. But they are horrible to sharpen and I find that they’ve become very dry. This brings me back the the lazy point. I don’t really want to work to put my makeup on.

The Great Makeup Purge: Skincare Products

skincare purge 2017

Makeup Purge Tip

Let go of products that don’t work for your skin.

If you don’t like the smell of it, let it go.

If you notice that it’s breaking you out after a good 6 weeks of use, let it go.

Don’t be afraid to let it go. Just because you paid for it doesn’t mean it owes you.

Bretanna Witch Hazel Face + Body Toner

This reeks. It honestly smells horrendous. Since the first day that I bought it I’ve hated it, yet I forced myself to use it because I paid for it. Don’t be like me.

Lanoline Rosehip Oil

I really tried to get use out of this, but after two months of continual use I found that it wasn’t doing anything for me. So I’ve just had it sitting and picking up dust.

The Great Makeup Purge: Hair Products

hair products purge 2017

This is probably where the goo-hoarding really comes in.

Got 2 B Smooth Operator

I’ve had this for years. Like… Since 2009. Why isn’t it finished? I have no clue. But I do know that I don’t want to use it anymore and it’s packed full of chemicals that I don’t want in my hair. If you’re looking for smooth hair, try an oil like Argan or jojoba.

Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume

This smells awesome. However, it’s another product packed with chemicals that I no longer want to use.

Aussie Aussome Volume

I can’t remember when I bought this, nor can I remember the last time I used it because the sprayer is plugged. As you can tell the gel really gunks it up. I do love Aussie products – but I’m on the search for better green beauty options.

Makeup Purge Tip

Try your best. Start small with a few products that you know aren’t working for you. Maybe set aside a bin that you can place these products into – every month make an active effort to see what you reached for and what you avoided. After the first taste of freedom from the clutter of beauty products, you’ll be addicted!


Do you have what it takes to purge? 

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