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Makeup Eraser Review
Makeup Eraser Review

Makeup Eraser Review

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I think I’m a year late for this trend, but I just had to give it a try! After all, who wouldn’t love to remove their makeup by simply adding water to a towel? At first I was pretty skeptical, but after using this for a month I think I have a pretty good idea of whether it’s a hit or miss product!

The Makeup Eraser Claims…

A reusable cloth that you simply wet with warm water. Gently wipe off makeup with one side of the towel and exfoliate with the other. This towel can be washed over 1000 times! It’s a fine blend of polyester that manages to pick up all the makeup on your face.

This cloth retails at Sephora and for $23.99 CAD the permanent colour options are pink and black. They also offer smaller travel sized towels.


Does it Work?

In two words: Sort of.

If you’re wearing non-waterproof makeup then I would say, yes this is definitely way better than buying cotton pads, micellar water or makeup removing wipes…whatever you use regularly to remove your makeup everyday. However, if you do use waterproof makeup at least around the eye area I recommend using a different makeup remover because you’ll have to scrub to get it off.

I really put this to the test one day and layered on my makeup, just to see how it would fair. Although it’s not 100% perfect, by washing your face afterward you’re likely to get a clean slate. For everyday minimal makeup wearers this is great!

The Comparison…

I removed my mascara and foundation with the Makeup Eraser and then I went over it with a cotton pad soaked with micellar water. The cotton pad has just the faintest amount of foundation on it. Therefore I think it does a good job to remove foundation and with another cleanse all of the foundation should easily be removed.

Would I repurchase?

I am likely going to repurchase a second one. only because if you use this daily it really needs to be washed within 3 uses. This makes for a pain if you like to have one day to do all your laundry. However, I can see this being awesome for travel! It dries quickly and takes up minimal space (You can probably handwash and line-dry but I haven’t tried that yet.) If you’re able to use it for over a year I think it’s well worth your money, especially if you think of cost per use. ($24/365 you’re splitting pennies.)

Let’s not forget about the environment here! By using a reusable cloth to remove your makeup, you can lower the amount of waste that goes into a landfill while cutting costs for yourself. Win-win!

2018 Update

I amĀ still using this makeup eraser on a daily basis! And it is still in fantastic condition. It has now become my go-to for removing all my makeup.

Have you tried the Makeup Eraser?
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