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Minimal and Low Waste Haircare Routine
Minimal and Low Waste Haircare Routine

Minimal and Low Waste Haircare Routine

If you’re looking for answers on a 10-step haircare routine, you have come to the wrong place! I am all about fuss-free haircare… and today I’m going to share the products that I have been using in my low waste haircare routine!

If you prefer video format, feel free to have a click! If not, everything is written below.

I’ve never been one to fuss about my hair, nor have I ever put too much thought into my hair products. Other than making sure the ingredients are palm oil and SLS-free.

Zero-Waste Shampoo and Conditioner: Unwrapped Life

I recently shared a post and video on the Unwrapped Shampoo and Conditioner “Balancer” set. I’ve been using these products for the past few months and have been pleasantly surprised at how easy the switch from conventionally plastic-bottle shampoo and conditioner has been.

For more information on this set, I encourage you to read the full review of the Balancer Set from Unwrapped Life! 

To tame frizz and hydrate: Iremia Restorative Facial Oil

I know it’s probably a sin to use a facial oil on my hair, but man is it good! When I feel that my hair requires a bit of extra hydration or I want to keep flyaways at bay, I add a few drops onto my hand and rub into the ends of my hair. I’ve noticed that my hair feels much more smooth and soft after using this oil.

It’s hard to justify a $62 facial oil for your hair, but I also enjoy using the oil on my skin as well. I do have a full review of the Iremia Restorative Facial Oil, if you would like to know more about the brand.

As an experiment: Aloe Vera

I’ve been playing around with using aloe vera in my hair while it’s still damp after cleansing. It doesn’t seem to make any noticeable difference, but it’s an option if you feel as though your hair needs a little extra T.L.C.

Let me know if this is something that you’ve tried, too!

To extend styling: Dry Shampoo

This is where the word minimal really comes into play. This dry shampoo has one ingredient: Arrowroot Powder. I was skeptical at first; wondering whether the powder would really make any difference or whether it would just “gunk up” my scalp.

Honestly, I am very surprised at how well this one ingredient works… and truly wonder why aerosol dry shampoo is even needed? There is a bit of a catch that comes to using this powder though.

You must know when your hair begins to look greasy and apply the powder the night before you need it. Applying it at night allows the powder to have time to sink in and absorb excess oils. During this time the whitecast from the arrowroot powder will also disappear.

If you have dark hair, you can add cocoa powder to have the powder blend into your roots a bit better. Whatever you do (if you’re a redhead) avoid adding cinnamon. I thought cinnamon would be a clever ingredient to add to help aid against whitecast. Unfortunately, the cinnamon just leaves my hair feeling gritty; like I’ve been at the beach rolling around in the sand all day. Not pleasant. Not pleasant at all. Other than that though, this one-ingredient dry shampoo is surprisingly effective. 

Short, Simple and Sweet: My low waste haircare routine

That’s it! Those are the products I’ve been using on my hair since the beginning of 2019. I’ve been very happy with how effective these low-impact haircare products have been and truly thought that the switch would be more difficult than it was.

What does your haircare routine look like? 

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