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The Best Low Waste & Affordable Secret Santa Gifts
The Best Low Waste & Affordable Secret Santa Gifts

The Best Low Waste & Affordable Secret Santa Gifts

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A popular tradition among people during the holiday season is the secret Santa gift exchange. Inherently, this is a wasteful practice and likely contributes to the $13 billion spent on unwanted gifts each year. However, I want you to have a great low waste holiday season which is why these will be the best secret Santa gifts you can give!

The DIY Secret Santa Gifts

Feeling crafty? Do you have an artistic side? Perhaps you can venture into the land of DIY secret Santa gifts. Something handmade holds more sentimental value and is less likely to end up at the landfill.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to gift an item that is useful or can be used to its full potential in some way.

best low waste secret santa gifts image of gifts wrapped in brown paper

Some great ideas include:

Make a Blanket or Tablecloth

Everyone loves to be cozy once the cold weather sets in. A blanket can always be useful. On the other hand, have your item featured by making it the centrepiece of the holiday table.

Make a Candle

This year I am participating in a gift swap much to my own dismay. I don’t want to be a scrooge. So I opted to make a candle by repurposing some pasta sauce jars. We spray painted the bottom portion using a can of spray paint I already have.

To keep this low waste I recommend only buying what you truly need such as soy wax and wooden wicks. If you have essential oils on hand, that’s a great way to add a nice light scent. More is more when it comes to essential oils!

Beeswax Wrap

Although I’ve never personally ventured into the territory of creating my own DIY beeswax wrap, you can choose to repurpose some scrap fabric you might have laying around or personalize it to the recipient. If they like llamas, why not find them some llama fabric and make a useful plastic-free gift option for them?

Here’s a great post on creating your own DIY beeswax wrap.

Buy Handmade

Okay, so you’re not into DIY projects but you still want to gift something that is handmade. I recommend checking out Etsy as a great resource for so many wonderful handmade crafts including candles, beeswax wrap and many more.

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the best low waste affordable secret santa gifts pinterest image of presents

Sustainable Gift Ideas

Still at a loss as to what to give your recipient? Perhaps you can look into some useful sustainable options which don’t break the bank.

Swedish Sponge Cloths

Always a great gift because they’re useful and oh so pretty.

Pairs great with a bottle of Castile soap

Fairtrade Chocolate

I’ve yet to meet someone who despises chocolate. Yes, some may not like it quite as much as others but it is still a lovely gift to receive. A few brands which spring to mind are: Camino, Alter Eco, and Theo.

Pairs great with a bottle of wine

Beautifully crafted bar soap

The Buck Naked Soap Company makes their soap bars look like a work of art and they come with some absolutely delicious scents. They’ll be hard to resist from using yourself!

Pairs great with a natural fibre dry brush, a natural loofah or some hand knit washcloths.
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