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How to Prioritize in Five Steps
How to Prioritize in Five Steps

How to Prioritize in Five Steps

Dreams can be turned into goals with the help of some hard work, but only if you properly prioritize for them. For example, when buying a new home you think of all these things that you need to do but nothing can get done because you keep starting other tasks or find that you easily get distracted and end up doing something completely different than what you planned. It happens to all of us, unfortunately.

How to Prioritize and Reach Your Goals!



Planning is key. If you don’t make a plan then you’re basically just flying by the seat of your pants and hoping for the best. For some of us planning comes naturally, but for others (like myself) I find it hard to write down a plan and actually stick to it. In order to plan properly you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What is most important to you?
  • What needs to be done?
  • What can wait?

Use these questions to help make a list – sort it into the categories that fit for you. For example (and I’m going to use this example a lot because buying a house has really kicked me into high-gear with planning!) When you buy a house there’s a number of things that you suddenly want to do such as painting, buying new furniture, buying new appliances, cleaning etc. You can easily become totally overwhelmed with so many things to do that you end up here, there and everywhere!

In our case, painting was the most important thing to us and we felt that it needed to be done before moving our furniture into the house. Therefore we went out picked out the paint colours and started painting the day after taking possession of the house.

Something that needed to be done (unfortunately) was mowing the lawn so before we could tackle the paint we needed to make sure that the lawn was well-groomed. As we were lucky enough to be in the position to move our personal belongings slowly into the house we thought that furniture could wait until we were ready.

You can apply this method into your lifestyle with personal goals and activities as well.

Do the most important things first and finish them!

As I said, when buying a new house there was so many exciting things to do! Painting, gardening etc. So it’s easy to become completely overwhelmed and forget about other tasks. That’s why you need to stick to your guns and dedicate the time to doing the first step (otherwise the planning stage was totally useless!) If your goal is to paint the whole house, then make sure that you work on it until it is complete. If your goal is to run a marathon then you bet your ass you gotta stick to your guns and focus on cardio (although being well-rounded in the fitness world can be a good thing.)

Don’t get Overwhelmed

This goes hand in hand with finishing the most important things first – when you try to take too many tasks on at once you’ll get overwhelmed and lose your mojo. Not everything can be done yesterday and more than likely it won’t be done today. If you don’t take your time to finish the first task then your job will never be done right.

It’s easy to get distracted in this online-world when phones are buzzing and dinging with notifications left, right and center. If you find yourself getting distracted then make sure to actively avoid whatever is causing the disruption. And yes, this takes a buttload of self-control.


Enjoy the Process

Whatever that process may be. Like anything, reaching your goals takes time and hard work. So you might as well make the work as enjoyable as you can! If you’re stuck deep cleaning some bathroom toilets then make sure to put on your favourite music (at least to numb a little bit of the pain.) Some tasks are much easier to enjoy than others and that’s completely normal, life is too short to spend time hating what you do!

Your Job is Never Done

I know, you’re like “what?” This post is on “how to prioritize” and you’re saying that I’m never going to be done!? Yes, I am. Here’s why – because as soon as you finish one task there’s another. Once you hit one milestone or reach one goal you’re going to be going for the next. If you’re living your life constantly moving forward then there’s always going to be something to chase after and achieve. This means that no matter how many things you do you’re most likely never going to be completely satisfied!

That’s it! The secret to prioritizing your goals is essentially just making a plan and sticking to it and yet I rambled on about it in more than three paragraphs. Ironically enough, as I write this post on how to prioritize I’m avoiding my own priorities and goal of unpacking and tidying my house. There’s nothing better than taking advice from someone who can’t even follow their own, right?!

On the bright side though, I did sit down and plan out my blogging calendar for the next three months! So we’re back in action.

What’s your next goal and how do you plan to reach it?

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