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Green Beauty Favourites 2017 | Year in Review
Green Beauty Favourites 2017 | Year in Review

Green Beauty Favourites 2017 | Year in Review

I know everyone and their grandmother is saying it at this time of the year – but another year come and almost gone! Looking back it’s crazy to see how much can change in the course of a year. I know mine has! So today we’re going to look back on my Green Beauty Favourites for 2017; this year I tested out quite a few new products and I’m ready to share what I liked best!

What’s on my top shelf for the end of 2017?

Top Green Beauty Foundation:

It began with a rocky start, but the Fitglow Vita Active Foundation really grew on me. It was a different texture than I was used to using but performed really well and lasted throughout the day. It provides a nice medium coverage and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily unlike the Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation. 

Top Green Beauty Powder:

I tried quite a few powders this year – starting with W3ll People, Pure Anada, Dr. Hauschka and my current favourite which is the Sappho New Paradigm Setting Powder. Sure, it’s definitely not the most cost-friendly option but it works the best; in fact I would say it’s the closest I’ve come to finding a powder that works as well as the Rimmel Stay Matte.


Top Green Beauty Concealer:

I have to admit, this year I didn’t really use too much concealer. Is that a bad thing? Well kind of. A majority of the time I was using the Bare Minerals Concealer which works well enough but I would not consider it a green beauty product. I am looking forward to giving the Hynt Beauty Concealer a try in 2018 after reading so many rave reviews on it.

Top Green Beauty Brow Product:

I’ve had my eye on the new brow products from Plume… but have yet to try those (hopefully that will change in 2018!) There’s been one product that’s lasted me throughout most of the year and it’s the W3ll People Altruist Brow Powder. Cost per use it works out to be a really great product and lasts throughout the day much better than I had anticipated.

Top Green Beauty Mascara:

Mascaras in the green beauty world are so hit and miss! Needless to say I’ve been through my fair share trying to find just the right one. Don’t believe me? I’ve reviewed the Benecos Mascara, W3ll People Expressionist Mascara, Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara, Beauty Counter Lengthening Mascara and last but not least the Pure Anada Natural Mascara. The latter of which turned out to be my favourite – even though it began with a very rocky start.

In fact, the Pure Anada Natural Mascara is a winner due to the cost and how it wears. Unlike most natural mascaras I have tried it doesn’t smudge easily, it isn’t flakey and it both volumizes and lengthens.

Top Green Beauty Eye Shadow:

If there’s anything I lacked trying this year it’s green beauty eye shadows; I can only name the Dr. Hauschka Eye Shadow trio and the Beauty Counter Desert Sunrise palette as eye shadow products I have tried. If there was a product I’d want to try more of, it would be the Dr. Hauschka products.

Top Green Beauty Blush & Contour:

Again, I was really lacking this year for trying green beauty blushes. Therefore by default the winner of this category is the Beauty Counter Desert Sunrise Palette. I do actually enjoy their blush and I wear it on a daily basis; I just absolutely hate how expensive the products are (but you can read more about that in my review on the palette.)


Top Green Beauty Lipstick:

This is a difficult category for me to pick a winner for! There are two brands that really stand out to me this year; Tin Feather and Boosh. They are both Canadian companies that create amazing products.

Boosh packaging is more luxe and feels like a higher end product, but it does cost more. Tin Feather is a little bit more cost friendly and the packaging is more conventional. If you’re a fan of a very buttery lipstick then Boosh is the way to go, and if you’re more focused on longevity of wear then Tin Feather reigns.

Top Green Beauty Nail Polish:

I don’t regularly apply nail polish because I often cannot be arsed to touch it up. However, I was happily surprised at how well the Pure Anada Nail Polish wore. I wasn’t expecting much from a more natural nail product, but it really performs!

Favourite Green Beauty Brand:

This year I tried plenty of different natural makeup brands, but the one that stood out to me the most was Pure Anada! I started off on the wrong foot with the brand after receiving a mascara tube that was way overfilled and spilled everywhere when I closed it. They were quick to respond to my rather unhappy ramblings and sent me a brand new one.

I’ve repurchased their mascara a few more times since then and I haven’t had a problem since; I even went on to try their lipstick, nail polish, powder and concealer. While not all of their products have wow’d me – many of them are really good and worth giving a try. (But if you try anything, I urge you to try the mascara!)

What are your top beauty picks for 2017?

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