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Perfect Gift Giving Ideas from The Body Shop
Perfect Gift Giving Ideas from The Body Shop

Perfect Gift Giving Ideas from The Body Shop

The holiday season can be chaotic – especially when it comes to finding the perfect gift for everyone in your life. I don’t know about you, but there’s a few people on my gift-list that I have a hard time shopping for! This includes buying for someone like your brother’s new girlfriend, the pre-teen or even your in-laws; if there’s someone on the list that you haven’t checked off quite yet, rest assured because I’ve got you covered!

Gift giving ideas for those tricky gifters

This post is not sponsored, however I did receive product in return for my honest opinion to create this post.

The Body Shop holds a special place in my heart; although they are not considered 100% green beauty, they have sustainable values and goals. This year a portion of their profits from the Play 4 Peace gift sets will be used to sponsor refugee children! The eye-catching bright colours are perfect for the festivities and certainly help to inspire joy during these cold months. There’s nothing better than giving a gift that also helps to sponsor a great cause!

The Body Shop was one of the first places I visited when I began my transition to green and sustainable personal care products; therefore it only makes sense to help spread that inspiration with the ones I love (no matter how tricky they can be to buy for!)

Gift Giving Idea for The Mother-in-Law

You want to make sure you please your MIL with something that’s thoughtful, but depending on her personality you may find that it can be a difficult task; “what scents does she like…? What doesn’t she like?…Will she be offended by this gift?” Are all thoughts I’ve had when trying to pick out gifts over the past few years. Luckily, I think I’ve found the perfect option.

Something that says treat yourself

The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Gift Ideas

The Body Shop’s Almond Milk and Honey range of skincare products are perfect for the MIL in your life! Not only are they super gentle, they smell absolutely delicious but not in an overpowering way. Depending on your budget, the Body Shop offers a few different sets and sizes of the Almond Milk and Honey range.

Gift Ideas for Mother in Law The body ShopGift Giving Idea For The Father-in-law and/or Brother-in-Law


As a female, I have a lot more luck buying for other females because I know how their mind works…With men I’m a lost cause. I know one thing is for certain with most males though – their hands are rough and need the extra TLC.

something to moisturize their hands

Gift Ideas for Father and Brother In Law The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s Hemp lotions are perfect for dry, callused skin. In fact, I stole this idea from my own spouse who asks for this range because he loves how moisturizing the lotion is. The scent of the Hemp Lotions aren’t feminine which makes them a perfect gender-neutral choice. Again, depending on the budget you have set aside for the man in your life The Body Shop has a vast array of gift-set options.

Gift Idea for the Pre-Teen in your life (Niece, Sister, Cousin, Daughter…)

Teenagers can be the most difficult to buy for, especially between the ages of 10-15 when it seems like all they want is to stare at their phones (or ignore you.) The Body Shop has some great options for pre-teens who are starting to focus on how they smell and look; their Play 4 Peace line offers a multitude of options that include games within the gift sets. 

Bring the Joy with Play 4 Peace

Pre-Teen Gift Ideas the Body Shop

Whether it be a Robot gift set (that doubles as a piggy bank) or even a game of chance with body butters there’s something fun for the pre-teen in your life!

Gift Giving Idea for your brother’s new girlfriend, that you don’t really know.

Okay so, your brother is bringing home a new girl for Christmas…and you don’t know anything about her or what she likes. But you definitely don’t want to leave her out of the Christmas gift list. 

Play it safe, go for moisture!

The Body Shop Shea Gift Set

We all love soft skin, so treat her with a Shea butter gift set which is another lightly scented, yet great option! (Or cheat and ask your brother if there’s a scent that he prefers!)

Bonus Gift Giving Idea: The Secret Santa Present and the Stocking Stuffers

We’ve all been there – wondering how to stay under our budget without purchasing a dud gift for a Secret Santa present or trying to figure out what to include as a stocking stuffer which isn’t only assorted candies or socks.

The Power of the Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar Gift Ideas The body Shop

I have to admit; I can’t take full responsibility for this genius idea. It was brought up by a couple of the ladies I was speaking to when I visited my local Body Shop store. But nonetheless, it’s a genius idea! 

There’s so much value in the advent calendars that you can purchase them to help sort gifts for stocking stuffers, or even create a little gift-bag for your Secret Santa giftee! (If there’s something that you really want, you could keep a couple things for yourself too 😉) It’s a great way to cover all the bases at once; especially if you’re not a big fan of shopping for every little item.

I sincerely hope that these gift giving ideas have helped at least inspire some options for you; The Body Shop makes it relatively easy to check off everyone on your list (especially with their black Friday deals!)

Who is the most difficult person to gift for in your life?
*This post is a collaboration with The Body Shop. It is not sponsored although I did receive free-product in return for my honest opinion to create this post. As always, honesty is my number one policy!

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