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Five Simple Ways to Live more Sustainably
Five Simple Ways to Live more Sustainably

Five Simple Ways to Live more Sustainably

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April marks the beginning of Earth month; and seeing as sustainably is in the name of the website I thought it might be good to share how you can live more sustainably as well.

Five Simple Ways to Live More Sustainably

1. Compost

Instead of throwing that banana peel or those dinner scraps in the garbage make sure to toss them into your compost bin.

Most cities are getting on board with green bins and weekly compost collection, but if for some reason your city is behind the times you can also get your own personal compost bin! These are especially good if you’re planning to start your own garden because you can use the compost to fertilize! Win-Win! 

Indoor Compost Bins

I’m not perfect, and I’ll admit that I’ve thrown a banana peel in the garbage because I didn’t want to walk outside in -20 weather to throw the peel into our green bin. So having an indoor-compost bin is especially helpful if you let laziness get the best of you (like me!) You only have to empty once a week or every few days.

You can either repurpose an old container as your compost bin, or you can buy one specifically made to hold your compost. They both work well – just be sure to give them a good thorough clean at least once a month!

Outdoor Compost Bins

If you do not have a weekly green bin pickup or you want to save money and use your own compost to fertilize your garden you can get an outdoor compost bin! There’s lots of different options including tumblers or the classic style.


2. Walk or Bike when you Can

You’re probably saying “Duh! Everyone knows that!” But tell me, when was the last time you were at a shopping centre and you drove your car across the parking lot to get from one store to another instead of a five minute (or less) walk? This is especially relevant when you live in Canada and it’s -10 degrees outside.

We’ve all done it, but unless you’re planning to buy a new couch, make your Fitbit happy and take some extra steps!

3. Recycle (Properly!)

Did you know that not all plastics are recyclable? I’m sure you’ve seen the little number embedded in plastic… but you probably haven’t memorized what each one means or whether it’s even recyclable in your jurisdiction! (Don’t worry, I haven’t either.)

Each city can differ on what they deem recyclable and what isn’t. It’s important to check out your local recycling facilities website and see what is. Here’s Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Psst! Check out my post on How to Recycle Properly.

4. Ditch Bottled Water

Buy yourself a good reusable water bottle – one that you really like the look of. Personally I’m a big fan of Swell and Nalgene bottles. Not only will these help remind you to drink more water throughout the day (nothing worse than carrying around a heavy weight in your backpack!) But you’re also going to be saving the planet with each gulp.

five steps to live more sustainably

5. Say “No” to Straws

A small culprit with a big impact; straws are not recyclable and cause a lot of litter. You can either carry around some reusable steel straws (these ones come with little straw cleaners!) or you can just drink from the glass/cup like you normally would.

So that’s it, five simple ways to live more sustainably. It’s all about taking baby steps and making conscious choices every day!

Tell me, what’s been the hardest switch for you?
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