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Eco-Friendly Gift Guide: For the Home
Eco-Friendly Gift Guide: For the Home

Eco-Friendly Gift Guide: For the Home

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The holidays are quickly approaching and with that comes the onslaught of shopping for gifts. Or if you’re actually prepared, you’re just watching everyone else run around like a chicken with their head cut off come December 24.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas: For the Home

Eco Friendly Gift Guide For the Home

Reusable Produce Bags

These bad boys areĀ so handy. If you want to give a gift that will get used, give the gift of produce bags!

Buy Flip and Tumble 5 Bags for $13.99 from (These are the ones I own!)

Buy Flip and Tumble 5 Bags for $12.00 USD from Amazon

Wool Dryer Balls

After you’re finished lecturing your friend about the toxicity of the chemicals in conventional dryer sheets, whip out one of these. They also help cut down on drying time which means your bestie will save money, too!

Buy 6 for $19.81 CAD from Amazon

Buy 6 for $16.95 USD from Amazon

abeego beeswax foodwrap

Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap

I didn’t know how much I’d love this before I bought them! The perfect alternative to wasteful saran wrap. I recommend buying the variety pack to begin with.

Buy variety pack for $17.99 from

Buy variety pack for $18.00 USD from Amazon

Silicone Bags

Why keep paying for expensive sandwich bags when you can buy a few of these and reuse them? I don’t need to tell you how handy sandwich bags are.

Buy Stasher Reusable Storage Bag for $14.99 from

Buy Stasher Reusable Storage Bag 3-packĀ  for $41.93 USD from Amazon

ten and co sponge cloths

Compostable Sponge Cloths

These compostable cloths are perfect for the conventional sponge lover. They can be washed between uses and at the end of their life be thrown into the compost bin. To dress it up a little I recommend wrapping a cloth around a bottle of wine with some twine; looks nice and it’s affordable!

Buy Ten & Co. Swedish Sponge Cloth for $5.99 from

Buy Sweetgum Swedish Dishcloth Christmas 3-Pack for $17.75 USD from Amazon

Reusable Containers

Reusable container lids are like socks, they magically disappear. We could all probably benefit from more of them. Glass or stainless steel, it’s your choice! (Though I recommend the latter!)

Buy EcoLunchbox Three in One Stainless Steel Containers for $45.49 from

Buy Ecolunchbox Three in One Stainless Steel Containers for $44.95 USD from Amazon

castile soap

Castile Soap

Are you sick of me talking about how much I love Castile Soap? Well I bet you didn’t know that it’s the perfect multi-purpose gift! For your non-alcoholic friends, pair this wrapped with a compostable sponge and you’re all set.

Buy Green Beaver 990ml Castile Soap for $21.49 from

Buy Dr.Bronner’s 946ml Castile Soap for $15.99 USD from Amazon

Essential Oil Diffuser

Wean your friend off the Febreze/Glade toxins and freshen their air with an essential oil diffuser. If your friend is usually a complete ball of stress start them with some lavender essential oil, too.

Buy 160 ml Essential Oil Diffuser for $19.95 CAD from

Buy 450ml Essential Oil Diffuser for $16.99 USD from


We all low-key want to have a house filled with greenery, right? Choose something low maintenance like a succulent, dracaena or mother in law’s tongue. When you purchase the latter you’re encouraging your beloved to breathe in clean air and what is more meaningful than that?

Is there anything on this list you’d pick up for yourself?

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