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A Look at my Eco-Friendly Change Table
A Look at my Eco-Friendly Change Table

A Look at my Eco-Friendly Change Table

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Something I didn’t expect when becoming a parent was the sheer amount of time I would spend standing at the change table. It’s not even changing diapers or clothing, no, my daughter loves being naked and that’s one of the few times where she giggles like crazy…

However, the change table isn’t just a fun place to hang out; it is also a very functional space. So today I’m going to share with you what’s on my change table.

What’s on my Eco-Friendly Change Table?


The Table

Instead of buying a whole separate changing table, I decided to purchase the TARVA pine dresser from Ikea and paint it white to match Madison’s room. She can use this dresser right from her infancy up to adulthood… or however long she wants to.

Hand-me-down changing pad with covers

This comes as a given, obviously you don’t want to rest your child on a hard surface. We were lucky enough to be given this changing pad with some covers from a friend. I’m always game for free-stuff, especially when it comes to helping the environment as well!

Reusable Cloth Wipes

I was on the fence about using cloth wipes but I made them while I was pregnant, anyway.

Similar to my DIY Cotton Rounds I used the organic, unbleached cotton cut into circles and used an overlock stitch so that they don’t fray. I’m so glad I decided to make these – especially because we are using cloth diapers already. They just go straight in the wash with the diapers.

You can choose to make your own, I made 50 of them over the course of two days, or you can purchase cloth wipes if you would like to save yourself some time. I think 50 is a good number if you are doing laundry every 2-3 days.

DIY Cloth Wipe Spray

You could use only water, but it might not clean their tiny tush quite as much as it needs to (especially when they decide to poo everywhere.) I decided to try my hand at making a cloth wipe spray and I am really pleased with how it has been working.

I just make it and pour into this super handy glass spray bottle, spray the cloth a few times and we’re off to the races!… or a clean bum…

Diaper Cream

Diaper cream is the one thing I don’t think I plan to DIY. We only use diaper cream at night when we won’t be changing Madison’s diaper for about 12 hours, it helps create a barrier and prevent diaper rash.

I alternate between the Therawise Diaper Ointment* and the Aleva Naturals Diaper Cream. They are both absolutely fantastic and neither contain Zinc Oxide which you cannot use with cloth diapers (it won’t wash out.)

Knock on wood, we’ve only had one small rash and it was gone within the day so I’m pretty happy with our diaper cream rotation!

*Therawise Diaper Ointment was sent to me for review

eco friendly change table products

Absorbent Liners

Now that Madison has begun solids I’ve been experimenting with the best way to handle the new gifts she provides. These absorbent liners are good if you are planning to go out and do not have a diaper sprayer on hand for your cloth diapers. Though I am skeptical of how septic/sewage safe they are. It is probably best to use these sparingly.


It wasn’t until Madison felt very hot one night that I realized the ear thermometers really aren’t recommended until at least 6 months for an accurate reading. Of course, we only had an ear thermometer so I ran out to the store and picked up one that we can use rectally.

Hopefully you won’t need it often, but it’s super handy to have.

Non-Petroleum Vaseline

I know many people who use this as a barrier-cream to prevent diaper rash as well. Quite frankly I’ve only ever used it on the thermometer when taking her temperature. In fact, the thermometer instructions specify a non-petroleum jelly for lubrication.

Nose Frida*

I’m not going to lie; using this is absolutely miserable. My daughter screams every time we have. But it works and if you want your baby to sleep when they have a runny nose you’re going to do everything you can!


For our baby shower we were gifted a plethora of baby skincare products including the Live Clean Lotion. It smells like baby and leaves their skin super soft. We usually use this after the bath simply because we have it.

If I didn’t have the moisturizer I would only use the Sweet Almond Oil which is also very moisturizing and great for infant massage too. When Madison had cradle cap I used Sweet Almond Oil to moisturize. Sweet Almond Oil works wonders!

That’s what you can find on my eco-friendly change table. Some pretty simple but also very necessary products.

Do you enjoy the lost art of sewing?
*Yes, not eco-friendly but 100% necessary.

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