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This Year Become a Conscious Consumer: Free 2020 Calendar
This Year Become a Conscious Consumer: Free 2020 Calendar

This Year Become a Conscious Consumer: Free 2020 Calendar

Make this year the best yet by using the 2020 calendar to understand your purchasing habits. It’s a powerful tool to get the full picture of what persuades you as a consumer.  Trust me though, it isn’t as painful as it might sound.

The monthly habit of tracking purchases has helped me:

  • Cut back on excess waste
  • Reduce spending
  • Track my low waste progress
  • Learn where I can make improvements
  • View trends on items I want

If you’re looking to achieve any of the above, you need to start auditing your purchasing habits. 

2020 calendar download link

How will this calendar work for me? 

If you aim to be a conscious consumer this calendar will leverage your ability to understand how certain wants and needs will wax and wane over time. And truly realize the impact that clever marketing has on your emotions.

But, with all that said. Keeping track of your expenses and purchasing habits can be much more tricky than writing down on a piece of paper “I bought a loaf of bread wrapped in plastic on Tuesday.

I already have a 2020 calendar, what use is another?

If you add these notes into your personal monthly calendar you may become overwhelmed with how much is happening. And feel stressed about the sheer number of entries.

I’ve been working on a simple calendar solely to track your purchases, set goals, and write your wants and needs. Plus some great national days to keep in mind!

Start with goal setting

At the beginning of the month you’ll enter your goals. What do you aim to accomplish and how will you actively pursue a low waste lifestyle. This is the time for you to plan-if you set a specific goal for the month you’re more likely to achieve it and make it a habit.

Monthly Tip

Each month, there’s a new sustainable tip to help you think of ways that you can actively consume less or change certain habits.

Daily Entries

Become mindful of the items that you feel you want. Write them down and keep track of any trends you see. Did a celebrity release a new makeup collection that you’re itching for? Write it down to see how long you really feel the want for these items. 

Also, keep track of your purchases. Add notes to see if they were necessary or superfluous. There’s absolutely no judgement because this calendar is your resource.

Month End Evaluation

At the end of the month, look back at your purchases to see what was truly necessary and what you could have gone without. See if there’s anything you didn’t purchase that you still want.

This is the time to reflect on your month and how you have become a conscious consumer. 

Next month, rinse and repeat. As the year progresses you will have a mid-year and end of the year check-in to see your overall progress and reflect on how you have made huge strides through small daily routines. 

2020 calendar download link

I’ve made the process as simple as possible for you.

If you’re familiar with Google Sheets, you can simply open this 2020 calendar on your web browser.

I’ve provided a real-life template with my own purchases and wants. This will allow you to view how I personally use this calendar to keep track of my own consumerism.

Let’s make 2020 the year that we become conscious consumers! 

Get your 2020 Calendar

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