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Cleanse Your Hair with Vinegar? Phillip Adam Haircare Review
Cleanse Your Hair with Vinegar? Phillip Adam Haircare Review

Cleanse Your Hair with Vinegar? Phillip Adam Haircare Review

This post contains affiliate links and products sent to me for review.

Since beginning maternity leave my hair has been the last thing on my to-do list (who am I kidding, it always has!) I’m just someone who can’t be bothered to wash, dry and style my hair everyday. But when I do wash and condition my hair I want it to be a spa-like experience.

Phillip Adam Haircare

Behind the Brand

Phillip Adam worked as a hairdresser for 50 years before beginning his hair and skincare line; with a special focus on Apple Cider Vinegar which was a loved haircare ingredient by his grandmother. Phillip Adam products feature all natural, biodegradable, SLS and paraben-free ingredients. Oh, and did I mention it is a Canadian brand based in Vancouver?

Phillip Adam Haircare Pin

Apple Cider Vinegar Haircare Benefits + Myths

pH Level

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) based shampoo and conditioner claims to help to balance the pH level of the scalp while keeping hair shiny and healthy. While it is helpful to use a shampoo similar to our natural pH, it does rinse out and may not do quite as much as we think-especially once rinsed with tap water.

Clarifying Properties

Regular rinses and use of ACV may help minimize dandruff with it’s anti-fungal properties. This study shows that ACV helps provide anti-fungal relief for the Candida Species in Denture Stomatitis.

As well, ACV helps to remove excess residue from the many hair products we use on a daily basis. According to an “expert” whose credentials I honestly couldn’t find.

Hair Growth

Some sources even claim that ACV can help promote hair growth, though it is important to note that there’s no hard evidence to support this claim. I wouldn’t use this specifically to grow hair. 

There’s no doubt that Apple Cider Vinegar probably benefits hair-but there just aren’t enough real studies to prove the effects. It is important to think critically about the things we read.

phillip adam haircare

Phillip Adam Shampoo + Conditioner

That being said, the Phillip Adam Haircare line is a clean, natural and super-effective shampoo and conditioner blend. Their ACV shampoo comes in multiple salon-worthy scents including; verbena sage, orange vanilla, fragrance-free and green apple. The latter which I received; a lovely light scent of tangy apple.

I am absolutely smitten over this shampoo and conditioner blend. I love how sudsy it is for an all-natural product. The conditioner has a great consistency-unlike some other natural conditioners I have tried in the past that would be best described as body butters-the Phillip Adam conditioner is smooth and easily blends into your hair.

Another thing I have noticed is how smooth and frizz-free my hair has been, even with this crazy humidity that we are experiencing. Plus, I am able to make my hair last for about three days before washing which is a massive feat for someone with rather oily hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar definitely isn’t the enemy by any means. In fact I think it’s a product that we really need to research more for the many amazing effects that it may have! And I have to say, Phillip Adam’s grandmother was onto something when she exclaimed her love of using ACV in her hair.

But if you’re not a fan of ACV, Phillip Adam also has an ACV-free shampoo.

Who says you can’t get salon-worthy hair with natural products?
What is your favourite shampoo/conditioner scent?

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