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The Body Shop Big and Curvy Mascara | Review
The Body Shop Big and Curvy Mascara | Review

The Body Shop Big and Curvy Mascara | Review

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There are so many Body Shop products that I have in the queue to review – including this big and curvy mascara. So here we are… reviewing.

The Body Shop Big and Curvy Mascara $18.00 CAD



BEST IF YOU WANT: Big, beautiful lashes with a mascara that sculpts, curls and gives lashes the appearance of up to nine times more volume.

The Body Shop 

The Body Shop claims that this mascara will make your lashes appear thicker and it will enhance the curl. It’s also got a laundry list of ingredients that are similar to drugstore products.

I think a lot of people confuse the Body Shop with being a completely natural and organic company which is not the case. Although they do source many of their ingredients naturally and through fair-trade, they also use a lot of synthetic and man-made substances.

How does it wear?

the body shop big and curvy mascara review


To make a long story short, I’m not a fan of the formula in the Big and Curvy Mascara.

If by volume, The Body Shop means clumpy… then that is exactly what your lashes will become. This formula sticks to your lashes grouping them together. Now, for some people who enjoy mascara that turns 10 lashes into 3 this is probably a winning product. I however, do not like this effect.

This product did not hold a curl on my lashes at all. It’s a very heavy formula that seems to weigh your lashes down throughout the day. I did not find that it had an “enhanced curl.”

The brush isn’t too bad in terms of the shape and bristles. I’m sure if the formula was not as clumpy then it would provide a much better application. However, each time I opened this up there was a great big chunk of mascara on the tip of the brush.. which is a pain if you’re rushing to get ready in the morning and don’t look at the mascara brush before applying it to your eyes.

the body shop big and curvy mascara


Seeing as there are so many great mascara products on the market $18.00 seems like a hefty price to pay for something that is sub-par. Instead, I would rather use the Fitglow Good Lash+ Mascara which provides some fantastic volume.

Which mascara have you hated?

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