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Bio Beaute by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing Milk | Review
Bio Beaute by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing Milk | Review

Bio Beaute by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing Milk | Review

As a part of your skincare routine every night, you should include a makeup remover to help clear your pores and get off the tough stuff that just a face cleanser cannot do. Personally, I love to double-cleanse my skin with a cleansing oil and then wash with a water-based face wash. The Bio Beaute by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing Milk is currently my first step in my nightly skincare regime.

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Beauty at Shoppers Drug Mart

Bio Beaute by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing Milk $20 CAD

Bio Beaute by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing Milk with Orange Water

Before this Bio Beauty by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing milk (wow that’s a mouthful) I had never used a cleansing milk as part of my skincare routine. So it has definitely been an adjustment to get used to it. Unlike a micellar water, this obviously has a very milky consistency.

If I’m being completely honest (which of course I am) then I have to admit that I bought this a year ago… So it’s been sitting beside my sink gathering dust over the course of the year. At first when I tried it, I just didn’t like it. It’s weird, there’s no disputing that – and it’s taken me this long to bite the bullet and just use it nightly. I’m disappointed that it has taken me this long because now I’m really enjoying it as part of my double cleanse routine.

About the Bio Beaute by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing Milk

The website describes it as a “smooth, rich milk that eliminates all types of make-up, even the most stubborn.” Cotton Oil is a surfactant that is used to gently cleanse the skin while a blend of Apricot, Blackberry and Aloe Vera leave the skin moisturized and clean.

On a study of 20 people over the course of 21 days, 100% said that the cleansing milk felt gentle on the skin. While 89% believed that it effectively removed the makeup. [Bio Beaute Website]

Bio Beaute by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing Milk Review

How to Use It

To use it, I pour a dime-sized amount in my palm and rub it into my face. Then I take a cotton pad and wipe it off. After I’ve finished my face, I take another dime-sized amount and gently rub it over my eye makeup. Then after I’ve rubbed it in and I look like a raccoon, I take two more cotton pads and gently wipe my eyes off.

After I’ve removed my makeup, I continue with the rest of my skincare routine. Currently I’m using the Vichy Purete Thermale Face Cleanser.

Thoughts On The Bio Beaute by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing Milk (other than the ridiculously long name.)

After using it consistently for the past couple weeks, I’ve become very adjusted to this product. It’s not super in-your-face scented. The fragrance is very light, but you can clearly discern the orange scent. If you’re someone like me, who hates unnecessarily perfumed products, then you won’t mind this.

The Bio Beaute by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing Milk works really well too. I find that it manages to melt my makeup and makes it super easy to remove. Now, I don’t use waterproof mascara so I cannot vouch in it’s favour whether it does a good job of removing that. But non-waterproof mascara is a piece of cake.

It doesn’t seem to dry out my skin – but I have been using Vitamin E, Rosehip Oil and a moisturizer as part of my skincare routine. So it’s hard to say whether my skin has been less-dry from using this particular product, or because of the many other products I use to moisturize.

Bio Beaute by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing Milk


Okay, that’s all well and good. Sounds like an okay product, but what’s in it?

Ingredient Safety Key

Safe Ingredient

Ingredient to use with Caution

Unsafe Ingredient

Limited Data

🌱Certified Organic

Aqua/ Water
Sesamium Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil*
C14-22 Alcohols No information regarding health concerns.
Microcrystalline Cellulose – Generally used as a bulking agent. Derived from Refined Wood Pulp.
Behenyl Alcohol
Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Water*
Benzyl Alcohol
C12-20 Alkyl Glucoside – No information regarding health concerns.
Capryloyl Glycine – Used as a Preservative and inhibits growth of bacteria.
Cellulose Gum – Used as a thickening agent. 
Citric Acid – Natural preservative.
Sodium Cottonseedamopacetate – Could not find information regarding this ingredient.
Xanthan Gum
Sodium Hydroxide – Can burn through organic materials (such as skin) therefore it could be a skin irritant. 
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder*
Phytic Acid
Dehydracetic Acid
Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit Extract*
Prunus Domestica Fruit Extract*
Morus Nigra Fruit Extract*
Potassium Sorbate – Used as preservative. Could be a skin/ eye irritant. 
Sodium Benzoate – Restricted for use in Cosmetics in Japan. 
Limonene – Used as perfume/preservative. Could lead to skin irritation. 
Linalool – Fragrance ingredient. 
Citral – Correlation to allergies and irritation. 
Geraniol – Natural scent ingredient from essential oils such as rose and citronella. Skin irritant.
Citronellol – Natural scent ingredient from essential oils. Skin irritant. 
Farnesol – Natural and/or synthetically produced fragrance that can lead to skin irritation. 

It is important to note that just because something is natural, does not mean that it is 100% healthy or good for you. In the case of essential oils, many of them can be skin irritants as well.

Will I repurchase this product?

I haven’t really decided whether I want to repurchase the Bio Beaute by Nuxe Gentle Cleansing Milk again. I mean, it works relatively well, but there’s always something new to try. I can definitely say that my eyes have been opened to the world of milk cleansers and boy do they work.

What is your favourite first-cleanse product? 

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