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Battle Of The Pits | Tom’s Natural Deodorant
Battle Of The Pits | Tom’s Natural Deodorant

Battle Of The Pits | Tom’s Natural Deodorant

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Last but not necessarily least in the Battle of the Pits series we have Tom’s Natural Deodorant. This particular brand is available at most large retailers such as Walmart and Shoppers – so it’s quite easy to find unlike a couple of the other brands discussed in the past few weeks.

If you’re curious about other deodorants I’ve reviewed here they are:

Tom’s Natural Deodorant ($7.00 CAD)

This deodorant is developed with no artificial fragrances, no preservatives and without animal testing. Using mineral zinc to provide odour protection and only eleven ingredients in total. Tom’s has gone above and beyond providing plenty of information on the way their products are made and what goes into them.


What do I think?

If you prefer a blunt review… then I dislike this product. Don’t get me wrong, the ingredients and vision behind it are amazing. However, it does not live up to it’s 24 hour claims – in fact I found that this had less lasting protection than the Crystal Deodorant (and that is unscented.)

The initial application is mediocre at best because it leaves your armpits feeling instantly sticky. Personally, I prefer a product which doesn’t make your underarms feel wet after application. That’s my biggest pet peeve with this product because it just leaves you feeling “blah.”

After a couple hours of wear the scent begins to fade and becomes very unpleasant – that could be due to the fact that after the application it remains moist in your underarms…

Overall I don’t think I would repurchase another one of these deodorants although I love the sustainable practices and that it is a cruelty-free product, it just doesn’t work for me.

Battle of the Pits: The End

This final post concludes the Battle of the Pits series, hopefully it was of some use to you! If I had to pick my favourite of these five it would definitely be the Crystal Natural Deodorant in combination with the Penny Lane Deodorant.

What’s your summer essential?

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