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Andalou Naturals Meyer Lemon + C Cleanser Review
Andalou Naturals Meyer Lemon + C Cleanser Review

Andalou Naturals Meyer Lemon + C Cleanser Review

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When I was 11 years old, my Father told me I needed to start washing my face. I guess that was his kind way of saying “you’re going through puberty and your acne is disgraceful.”

I kid, but really I resisted the regular regime of washing my face until I was about 13 years old. Why did I wait so long? I was a stubborn kid who apparently didn’t understand that removing excess oil from your skin will help with your acne.

Now, at 23 years of age I have lots of red marks on my skin from teenage years past. Reminders of how ignorant I was to a proper skincare regime. Luckily, the Andalou Naturals Meyer Lemon + C Cream cleanser helps to brighten those spots.

Andalou Naturals Meyer Lemon Creamy Cleanser $18.49 CAD

Behind the Brand:

Andalou Naturals was founded by the Egide’s who also started other popular natural beauty brands such as Alba Botanica and Avalon Organics. Andalou Naturals is the first non-GMO project verified beauty brand.

Meyer Lemon Creamy Cleanser Claims

This cleanser is formulated for normal + combination skin types; boasting to “sweep away impurities and dull, dry surface cells” to leave a smooth and even texture.

The Meyer Lemon + C Creamy Cleanser is cruelty-free and 99% plant derived.

The key ingredients include: Vitamin C, PhytoCellTec® Malus Domestica Apple and Solar Vitis Grape Fruit Stem Cells.


Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate)

Is much more gentle than other forms of vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) and is therefore a better ingredient for more sensitive skin types. Helps to brighten and even skintone and can aid in the production of collagen which will help maintain firm skin.

As this is a cleanser and not a leave-on skincare treatment, it is likely that this product does a better job at evening the skintone rather than firming.

PhytoCellTec® Maluc Domestica Apple Stem Cells

This is a patented blend of fruit stem cells derived from apples (If you want to read the scientific jargon about how, here’s the website.) Which can help to help fight against the signs of aging by essentially protecting and preserving the skin cells.

PhytoCellTec® Solar Vitis Grape Fruit Stem Cells

Another patented blend of fruit stem cells which are derived from Grapes (here’s the scientific jargon.) Which help to protect the skin from UV radiation. This formula also claims to increase the skin’s UV tolerance.

andalou naturals meyer lemon cleanser

My Thoughts on the Andalou Naturals Meyer Lemon + C Creamy Cleanser

In short, I have been enjoying this cleanser. I do believe that in the past two months I have been using it that my skin has a more even skintone. I find that it is really helping to fade the newer acne spots from my postpartum hormonal breakouts.

Although there’s a kicker. There’s always a kicker. 

The scent of this cleanser is strong and it reminds me of a port-a-potty. You know that weird chemical scent of the blue liquid that is trying to mask the smell of other people’s feces and urine?

That scent? 

It kind of reminds me of that; the fragrance is very strong. Maybe I notice it more because I was using a fragrance-free cleanser prior. And unfortunately that’s the only thing I don’t enjoy about it.

Fortunately I have learned to hold my breath, but I’m not sure if being reminded of a port-a-potty every time I wash my face is really what I want. In all honesty that’s the only thing I dislike about it.

I’m not sure if I will repurchase this cleanser although I have nothing bad to say about how it works. I do however think that I will try more from the Andalou Naturals brand as this was my first foray into their skincare products.

Andalou Naturals seems to be a good brand that pride themselves on their plant-based scientific formulas. Meaning they don’t sacrifice the quality of their products for using mainly plant-based ingredients.

What are your thoughts on fragranced skin cleansers?

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