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5 Uncommon Sustainable Swaps
5 Uncommon Sustainable Swaps

5 Uncommon Sustainable Swaps

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Everyone and their sister knows that you should stop buying disposable coffee cups and instead opt for your reusable, but there are some sustainable swaps that we often overlook. Today we’re going to deep dive into some rather uncommon swaps that you can choose to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly.

Here’s 5 Sustainable Swaps You Probably haven’t thought of:

Conventional Toilet Paper

Have you thought about where your toilet paper comes from or how it is packaged? If you’re regularly purchasing toilet paper that isn’t made from post-consumer recycled materials, that’s an easy switch!

And if you are, but would like a good cost-effective option that removes plastic from the equation, I encourage you to check out Sustainable Earth by Staples bulk toilet paper.

The best part? It works out to about $.62 per roll and Staples qualifies for up to 3% cash back from

Lint Rollers

Are you still buying lint rollers that use sticky paper to remove hair? You should purchase a reusable lint roller. These have been around for ages. I’m not sure why everyone forgets that you can purchase this once and completely avoid buying another wasteful sticky roller ever again!


I’ve only purchased tissues by the request of my daycare provider. I don’t purchase them for my own home because I prefer to use reusable tissues. You can either purchase them or choose to make it a more sustainable swap by cutting and hemming fabric from old clothing. It’s a great way to bring life to clothes that may have otherwise been sent to the landfill.

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Wrapping Paper

Holiday festivities are right around the corner. Avoid buying wrapping paper especially if it has glitter or foil. Instead, choose to reuse some newspaper and add some eco-friendly decorations. Or you can use brown paper which can be fully recycled. Add your own creative spin to make it just a little more thoughtful.

Tooth Floss

Refusing tooth floss is pretty easy when you’re living a low waste lifestyle. After all, tooth floss is pretty wasteful. But it is important for your oral health. If you want to cut back on waste but still keep those pearly whites in check, try using a Waterpik.

When I had braces my Waterpik was a godsend. Ten years later and it is still going strong.

Do you know of any uncommon sustainable swaps I may have missed?

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