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The 3 Step Skincare Routine with Iremia Skincare
The 3 Step Skincare Routine with Iremia Skincare

The 3 Step Skincare Routine with Iremia Skincare

This post contains products sent for review. All opinions are my own.

Unlike most skincare junkies, I am someone who prefers an uncomplicated three-step routine over a ten-step routine any day! Thankfully, Iremia Skincare has a few products for the minimal and natural skincare lovers in mind.

Behind the Brand

Iremia Skincare is a Canadian-based skincare brand founded by Elaine Li, who spent years searching for products that would work for her sensitive skin. After years of searching she decided to formulate her own skincare products and Iremia Skincare was born.

About the Products

Iremia Skincare is based on a minimal routine with the ability to use products for multiple purposes. The routine consists of the restorative facial oil, soothing lotion and protective cream. Which can all be used in tandem as a full skincare routine or for different purposes.

Iremia Skincare Restorative Facial Oil

The Restorative Facial Oil $62.00 CAD

A blend of 11 botanical oils which helps soothe and balance skin. It can either be used alone or blended with the soothing lotion. The restorative oil is also excellent for use on hair as well.

Key Ingredients

Jojoba Oil

An anti-inflammatory oil which helps soothe and hydrate sensitive skin. I am a huge fan of jojoba oil and have used it on it’s own for many different purposes. You can read more about my experience with Jojoba oil here.

Rosehip Oil

Loaded with lots of beneficial fatty acids including Omega 3, 6 and 9. Great for repairing damaged skin.

Argan Oil

Another fantastic anti-inflammatory which is high in linoleic acid, this helps to moisturize and hydrate skin whilst soothe any sensitivity.

Sea Buckthorn Oil

A very hydrating oil which packs a punch. This will help reduce redness.

Soothing Lotion $58.00 CAD

This soothing lotion is packed with natural ingredients which help to ease irritation and reduce redness without the use of steroids. A hydrating yet lightweight lotion that can also minimize the onset of wrinkles and improve skin elasticity.

Key Ingredients

Shea Butter

A slightly misleading name, Shea butter is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), unlike what you would expect of a butter. It’s also rich in vitamins which can help reduce inflammation.

Manuka Honey

Packed full of amino acids, Manuka honey helps encourage damaged skin to heal and reduce redness.

African Mahogany Tree Bark

This Iremia Skincare ingredient is Ecocert approved and helps to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and smooth pores. African Mahongany Tree Bark has also been shown to improve skin elasticity.

Iremia Skincare Protective Cream

Protective Cream $58.00 CAD

A rich cream designed for extremely dehydrated skin, without feeling heavy. And also works great as an under-eye cream leaving your delicate skin well hydrated and plump.

Key Ingredients

Coco Butter

Helps protect the skin’s moisture barrier and improves skintone.

Avocado Oil

Nutrient rich Avocado Oil is extremely nourishing for dry skin.

Palmarosa Oil

Promotes cell stimulation and hydration.


Iremia Skincare Products are all packed in sturdy glass jars with a black plastic lid. They feel luxurious whilst being more eco-friendly than other entirely plastic packaged luxury brands. Iremia Skincare is focused on being a more environmentally-friendly.

How do these products work?

I have been using the Iremia Skincare products as part of my nightly skincare routine for over a month now and I think it’s easy to say they are a clear winner in my books! 

Three Step SKincare with Iremia Skincare

The Iremia Skincare routine

To start the routine I warm a few drops of the Restorative Facial Oil into my hand and pat onto my skin, after that I take a pea-size amount of the Soothing Lotion and pat onto the skin. As the weather is currently quite warm, dry skin has not been an issue for me, so I use the Protective Cream as an eye cream instead!

If I had to choose one favourite of the routine, it would be the Soothing Lotion. I absolutely love how lightweight the Soothing Lotion feels on the skin, and the lavender scent is so calming. It’s the perfect cream to apply before bed. It sinks in quickly without feeling tacky; the perfect moisturizer in my opinion.

I find that a lot of natural skincare products include Coconut Oil for whatever reason. Coconut oil is comedogenic (can clog pores) so I am really happy that the Iremia Skincare line doesn’t include Coconut Oil based products. They work exceptionally well for my combination and acne-prone skin. 

Final Thoughts

I am so happy I was able to give this brand a try. After my beloved Zaya Moisturizer being discontinued I was so worried that finding skincare products would be difficult.

With Iremia Skincare’s focus on a minimal skincare routine, the environment and natural-based products I am completely in love! If there’s anything you must try from the brand, let it be the Soothing Lotion. Have your skin thank me later!

Do you prefer a simple skincare routine, too?

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